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Learn more about QuickBooks Cash and the Cash Flow Center

Get all the details for everything in the Cash Flow Center. This includes QuickBooks Cash, envelopes, and the Cash Flow Planner.

Cash Flow Center

Learn more about the Cash Flow Center.

When you sign up for QuickBooks Payments in QuickBooks Online, you also sign up for a QuickBooks Cash account. The signup process for both features is the same.

Master or Company admins can sign up for QuickBooks Cash. The person that applies and is approved is the only user that can move money to and from your QuickBooks Cash account. Any Master or Company admins that didn't apply can see account balances. However, they can't move money around.

QuickBooks Cash and the tools in the Cash Flow Center are available for new QuickBooks Online and Payments customers. Existing customers won’t get these features yet, but they will soon. This includes current QuickBooks Online customers who are new to Payments.

To get QuickBooks Cash, you need to sign up for QuickBooks Payments through QuickBooks Online.

If you sign up for QuickBooks Payments through another product, like QuickBooks Desktop, you won't get QuickBooks Cash. It will be available to you in the future.

You can access the Cash Flow Center and QuickBooks Cash on mobile iOS. We're working on expanding the Cash Flow Center to the web and Android soon.

The signup process is the same, but you need to answer a few additional questions.

To comply with bank regulations, we're required to collect information about co-owners (also known as beneficial owners) of legal entities that aren't sole proprietorships.

A beneficial owner is any individual with a significant ability to control, manage, or direct the legal entity and/or who owns 25% or more of it.

If you have a beneficial owner(s), you can tell us about them when you sign up. You don't have to fill out everything to finish the application. But we recommend you do it right away. You can come back to the Cash Flow Center later on to finish the form. You'll also receive email reminders.

You must submit your beneficial owner information within 30 days of signing up for QuickBooks Cash. If you don't, your account will be closed.

If you applied for QuickBooks Payments and QuickBooks Cash, you may only qualify for Payments and not QuickBooks Cash. Learn more about Intuit's Acceptable Use Policy for more info about prohibited activities and business types.

QuickBooks Cash is a business bank account. As such, we must verify the identity of the individual and business opening the account. The information you provide in the application allows us to screen for individuals, businesses, industries, and geographies that we aren't permitted to serve.

If you believe your application was declined in error, ensure the information you provided is correct and submit it again.

QuickBooks Cash account

Learn more about the QuickBooks Cash account.

Fee Type Fee
Monthly Fee $0
In-network ATM withdrawal 4 free withdrawals per monthly billing cycle. $3.00 per transaction thereafter.
Out of network ATM withdrawal $3.00 per transaction
Teller Cash withdrawal $0
Out of network balance inquiry at an ATM $0
Replacement Card (for lost, stolen, or damaged cards) $0
Foreign transaction fee $3% of the total transaction amount

No, there are no fees for keeping money in QuickBooks Cash. It's a monthly fee-free checking account. QuickBooks Cash doesn't pay interest. You won't earn money for funds in your QuickBooks Cash account or in envelopes.

On average, it takes about 3 business days to move money into your QuickBooks Cash account.
On average, it takes between 2 - 5 business days to move money out of your QuickBooks Cash account. The speed depends on how fast your external bank processes the transfer.
You can transfer up to 20,000 per day and $40,000 per week into or out of your QuickBooks Cash account.
Yes! Your QuickBooks Cash account is FDIC insured for up to $250,000. This insurance is covered by Green Dot Bank, which is a member of the FDIC.
If you have a dispute, call the number on the back of your QuickBooks Debit Card. Our partners at Green Dot will review your account and make sure everything is settled.
We don't currently offer overdraft protection for QuickBooks Cash. If you charge or withdraw more money then you have, the transaction will get declined.

The balance you see on the Cash Flow Center is always the most up-to-date. The Banking menu (or Transactions menu if you're in Business View), processes the data so it's included in your accounting. This data gets updated automatically once a day.

You can always select Update in the Banking menu to get the latest available data.

Before you can close your QuickBooks Cash account, it needs to have a $0 balance. You can either spend your remaining balance or transfer it to your external bank account.
When the balance is $0, give us a call at the number on the back of your QuickBooks Debit Card. Our team is available to help you settle everything.

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