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Send international payments using Bill Pay for QuickBooks Online

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Learn how to wire international payments to foreign vendors using Bill Pay for QuickBooks Online.

You can now wire international payments in just a few clicks. This new feature makes fast and hassle-free international transactions that you can access from your account.

Note: If you use the Incoming bills feature (beta), multi-currency isn't available yet when you create bills for vendors.
If you receive a bill in foreign currency in the Incoming bills tab, download it and then link it to the bill in QuickBooks Online. However, keep in mind that it won't be viewable with the bill in Bill Pay.

Step 1: Turn-on the multi-currency feature

Before you wire international payments, turn on multi-currency to avoid sync errors when adding a multi-currency vendor, bill, or payment. Then, add foreign vendors with their currency.

Step 2: Wire payments to international vendors

If you set up international vendors for wire payments, make a payment by following these steps:
Note: Bill Pay offers a competitive exchange rate and doesn’t charge a wire transfer fee when you pay your vendors in local currencies. International wires sent in USD are $19.99 per transaction. You can use the currency conversion calculator for more info.

  1. Select + New. then select Pay Bills Online.
  2. Select the Unpaid bills tab.
  3. Select the bill you want to pay.
  4. If you already set up your vendor for wire transfers, select International Transfer as the payment method.
    Note: For eligible vendors that you haven't set up yet, select the Set up international transfer link to add your vendor’s bank info. If the vendor requires additional setup, make sure the Country field in the vendor setup is correct.Pay
  5. Review the payment info, then select Next.
  6. If you need to make any changes, select Edit details.
  7. Make sure everything looks good, then Send Payment.
  • You can now add the international payment flow to unpaid bills.
  • You don’t need to select a currency for new US vendors.
  • For international payments, you can search for a country’s currency and banks. The Swift # also shows on the payment confirmation screen.
  • You can still make international vendor payments for bills in USD even if multi-currency is turned off.
Country NameBank Branch IdentifierCurrency Supported
AlbaniaIBAN: 28 charactersALL, USD
AlgeriaBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersDZD, USD
AngolaIBAN: 25 charactersAOA, USD
AnguillaBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersXCD, USD
Antigua and BarbudaBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersXCD, USD
ArgentinaCBU number: 22 digitsARS, USD
Armenia Bank and Branch Code: 5 digitsMD, USD
ArubaBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersAWG, USD
AustraliaBSB (Bank-State-Branch): 6 alphanumericAUD, USD
AustriaIBAN: 20 alphanumericEUR, USD
BahrainIBAN: 22 alphanumericBHD, USD
BangladeshBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersBDT, USD
BelgiumIBAN: 16 alphanumericEUR, USD
BelizeBank and Branch Code: 8 digitsBZD, USD
BeninIBAN: 28 charactersXOF, USD
BermudaBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersBMD, USD
BhutanBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersBTN, USD
BotswanaBank and Branch Code: 6 digitsBWP, USD
BrazilIBAN: 29 alphanumericBRL, USD
Brunei DarussalamBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersBND, USD
BulgariaIBAN: 22 alphanumericBGN, USD
CameroonIBAN: 27 charactersXAF, USD
CanadaInstitution and Transit Number: 8 or 9 digits1CAD, USD
Cape VerdeIBAN: 25 charactersCVE, USD
Cayman IslandsBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersKYD, USD
ChadIBAN: 27 charactersXAF, USD
ChileBank and Branch Code: 3 digitsCLP, USD
ChinaCnaps code: 12 digitsCNY, USD
ColombiaBank and Branch Code: 19 alphanumericCOP, USD
ComorosBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersKMF, USD
Congo (The)Bank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersXAF, USD
Costa RicaIBAN: 22 alphanumericCRC, USD
CroatiaIBAN: 21 charactersHRK, USD
CyprusIBAN: 28 alphanumericEUR, USD
Czech RepublicIBAN: 24 alphanumericEUR, CZK, USD
DenmarkIBAN: 18 alphanumericEUR,DKK, USD
DominicaBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersXCD, USD
Dominican RepublicIBAN: 28 charactersDOP, USD
EcuadorBank and Branch Code: 8 digitsUSD only
EstoniaIBAN: 20 alphanumericEUR, USD
FijiBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersFJD, USD
FinlandIBAN: 18 alphanumericEUR, USD
FranceIBAN: 24 alphanumericEUR, USD
GabonIBAN: 27 charactersXAF, USD
GambiaBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersGMD, USD
GeorgiaIBAN: 22 charactersGEL, USD
GermanyIBAN: 22 alphanumericEUR, USD
GhanaBank and Branch Code: 6 digitsGHS, USD
GibraltarIBAN: 23 charactersGIP, USD
GreeceIBAN: 27 alphanumericEUR, USD
GrenadaBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersXCD, USD
GuatemalaIBAN: 28 charactersGTQ, USD
GuineaBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersGNF, USD
GuyanaBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersGYD, USD
HondurasBank and Branch Code: 8 - 11 digitsHNL, USD
Hong KongBank and Branch Code: 6 digitsHKD, USD
HungaryIBAN: 28 digitsHUF, USD
IcelandIBAN: 26 charactersISK, USD
IndiaIFSC code: 11 charactersINR, USD
IndonesiaBank and Branch Code: 7 digitsIDR, USD
IrelandIBAN: up to 22 alphanumericEUR, USD
IsraelIBAN: 23 alphanumericILS, USD
ItalyIBAN: 27 alphanumericEUR, USD
JapanZengin Bank and Branch Code: 7 digitsJPY, USD
JordanIBAN: 30 alphanumericJOD, USD
KazakhstanIBAN: 20 charactersKZT, USD
KenyaBank and Branch Code: 5 digitsKES, USD
KuwaitIBAN: 30 alphanumericKWD, USD
KyrgyzstanBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersKGS, USD
LatviaIBAN: 21 alphanumericEUR, USD
LesothoBank and Branch Code: 6 digitsLSL, USD
LiechtensteinIBAN: 21 alphanumericCHK, USD
LithuaniaIBAN: 20 alphanumericEUR, USD
LuxembourgIBAN: 20 alphanumericEUR, USD
MacaoBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersMOP, USD
MacedoniaIBAN: 19 charactersMKD, USD
MadagascarIBAN: 27 charactersMGA, USD
MalawiBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersMWK, USD
MalaysiaBank and Branch Code: 9 digitsMYR, USD
MaltaIBAN: 31 alphanumericEUR, USD
MauritiusIBAN: 30 charactersMUR, USD
MexicoClabe: 18 digitsMXN, USD
MoldovaIBAN: 24 charactersMDL, USD
MongoliaBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersMNT, USD
MontserratBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersXCD, USD
MozambiqueIBAN: 25 charactersMZN, USD
NamibiaBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersNAD, USD
NepalBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersNPR, USD
NetherlandsIBAN: 18 alphanumericEUR, USD
New CaledoniaIBAN: 27 alphanumericXPF, USD
New ZealandBank Code: first 6 digitsNZD, USD
NigerIBAN: 28 charactersXOF, USD
NorwayIBAN: 15 alphanumericEUR, NOK, USD
Papua New GuineaBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersPGK, USD
ParaguayBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersPYG, USD
PeruBank Code: 20 digitsSOL, USD
PhilippinesBank and Branch Code: 6 digitsPHP, USD
PolandIBAN: 28 alphanumericEUR, PLN, USD
PortugalIBAN: 25 alphanumericEUR, USD
QatarIBAN: 29 alphanumericQAR, USD
RomaniaIBAN: 24 alphanumericRON, USD
RussiaBIK code: 20 alphanumericRUB, USD
RwandaBank and Branch Code: 3 digitsRWF, USD
Saint Kitts and NevisBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersXCD, USD
Saint LuciaBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersXCD, USD
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersXCD, USD
Saudi ArabiaIBAN: 24 alphanumericSAR, USD
SerbiaIBAN: 22 alphanumericRSD, USD
SeychellesBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersSCR, USD
Sierra LeoneBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersSLL, USD
SingaporeBank and Branch Code: 7 digitsSGD, USD
SlovakiaIBAN: 24 alphanumericEUR, USD
SloveniaIBAN: 19 alphanumericEUR, USD
Solomon IslandsBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersSBD, USD
South AfricaIBT Code: 8 charactersZAR, USD
South KoreaBank and Branch Code: 7 digitsKRW, USD
SpainIBAN: 24 alphanumericEUR, USD
Sri LankaBank and Branch Code: 7 digitsLKR, USD
SwazilandBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersSZL, USD
SwedenIBAN: 24 alphanumericSEK, EUR, USD
SwitzerlandIBAN: 21 alphanumericCHK, EUR, USD
TaiwanBank and Branch Code: 7 digitsTWD, USD
TajikistanBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersSZL, USD
TanzaniaBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersTJS, USD
ThailandBank and Branch Code: 7 digitsTHB, USD
TogoIBAN: 28 charactersXOF, USD
TongaBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersTOP, USD
TunisiaIBAN: 24 alphanumericTND, USD
TurkeyIBAN: 26 digitsTRY, USD
UgandaBank and Branch Code: 6 digitsUGX, USD
UkraineIBAN: 29 alphanumericUAH, USD
United Arab EmiratesIBAN: 23 alphanumericAED, USD
United KingdomIBAN: 22 alphanumeric (click here for help locating the IBAN)GBP, EUR, USD
UruguayBank and Branch Code: 3 digitsUYU, USD
UzbekistanBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersUZS, USD
Viet NamBank and Branch Code: 8 digitsVND, USD
ZambiaBank and Branch Code: 3-50 charactersZMW, USD

1 If the Canadian bank Institution and Transit Number provided by the vendor is 8 digits and isn't accepted, add a zero (0) at the start of the series to make it 9 digits. For example, if it’s 00301879, change it to 000301879

If you see this message when you set up a vendor for international wires, that vendor’s country isn't supported yet. More countries will be added in the future but for now, here’s how to pay your bills manually.


We transfer payments within 1 to 2 business days. This varies depending on:

  • The destination country
  • The amount sent
  • How long it takes to draw funds from your account

We'll provide you the estimated turnaround time when you schedule the payment. Here are some examples:

CountryTurnaround time
AustraliaNext business day
CanadaSame day
China2 Business days
Euro ZoneSame day
Hong KongNext business day
India2 business days
IsraelNext business day
SingaporeNext business day
United KingdomSame day


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