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Create statement reminders in QuickBooks Mac Plus 2022

by Intuit Updated 9 months ago

Learn how to create statement reminders in QuickBooks Mac Plus 2022 and later.

Statement reminders save you time tracking customers with outstanding balances. Once you set it up, QuickBooks will prompt you when it’s time to email your customers that have open balances. Here’s how to set it up.

Step 1: Create a customer group

You can create customer groups to organize how you want to use your statement reminders. Create one customer group or get more specific with multiple groups.

  1. Select Customers, then select Customer Center.
  2. Select the arrow ˅ next to the + icon, then select New Group.
  3. Enter a group name in Group Name.
  4. Select the customer you want to add to the group, then select Add ˃˃.
  5. Select OK.

Step 2: Schedule a statement reminder

Once you have your customer group(s) set up, you’re ready to schedule a statement reminder. 

  1. Select Customers, then select Payment Reminders.
  2. Select Schedule Reminders. You can also select your group in the Customer Center. Then, select Reminders.
  3. Select OK to dismiss the dialogue.
  4. Select the Action icon. Then, select New Statement Reminder.

Action icon_QBMAC_US_Ext_101821.PNG

Step 3: Set the reminder prompt time

You’ll need to decide when you want a reminder to send your statements. QuickBooks will prompt you to send out your reminders. Make sure to choose a time that works for you. 

  1. Select QuickBooks, then Settings.
  2. Select Email.
  3. Choose the time in the Prompt time field. 

If you don’t want QuickBooks to prompt you for this reminder, uncheck Prompt to send reminders when QuickBooks is running.

When it’s time to send your reminders, select Customers,then Payment Reminders then Review & Send Statement Reminders.

Note: You won’t see your reminder until the day you set it for. For example, 4 days before the due date or 2 days after the due date.

Here’s a list of some info that may be useful.

  • You can access the Send Statement Reminders window at any time. To do this, select Customers, then Payment Reminders, then Review & Send Statement Reminders
  • You can review your reminders before you send them, and make last-minute changes.  For example, you may decide not to send the reminder to all the customers in the group. If this is the case, uncheck the checkbox next to the customer’s name.
  • You can review your statements before you send the reminders. Just open the attachment with each email.
  • You can create multiple statement reminders for a group.
  • You can edit, duplicate, or delete the statement reminder(s). Just select the action icon to see the options.
  • You can use the same payment reminder for two different customer groups. To do this, select the payment reminder in the Customer Center. Then select Edit, then Copy Reminder. Go to the other customer group, then select the table. Select Edit, then Paste Reminder.

The reminders will remain in the Send Statement Reminders window until you send, remove, or replace them with a more recent reminder for the same customer invoice.

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