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Create customer groups in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

by Intuit Updated 1 year ago

Learn how to create a customer group in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.

Create a customer group to organize your growing number of customers. You can use these groups to send statements, reminders, and invoices in bulk so you can save time. Here’s how.

Create an automatic customer group

You can now create an automatic customer group if you’re on QuickBooks Mac 2022 or newer. It automatically adds customers to a group based on the filters you set. Here’s how.

Note: Make sure to set a filter before you create a group. Otherwise, it will add all customers and jobs. 

  1. Go to the Customer Center, then select +.
  2. Select New Automatic Group.
  3. Enter a group name, then set the filters in the Define Group table section.
  4. Select the condition for the main filter, then select the field, operator, and value filters to define which customers to add to the group.
    Tip: To add more filters, select Add Filter. If you want to clear the filters, select Clear All.
  5. Review the list of customers you'll add to the group. If you want to remove a customer, right-click on their name, then select Exclude customer from group.
  6. Select OK to save the group filter and add the customers to the group.
    Note: If you don’t want the group to automatically add customers, select the Convert to manual group when saved checkbox.

The automatic customer group is only one of the new features that come with QuickBooks Desktop 2022 or newer. If you’re not on the latest version or want to change plans, check out other new features.

Create a manual customer group

Here's how to create a manual customer group.

Note: If you’re on QuickBooks Mac 2022 or newer, you need to create an automatic customer group first, then convert it to a manual customer group.

  1. Go to the Customer Center, then select +.
  2. Select New group.
  3. Enter a group name, then select the customers you want to add.
  4. Select Add, then OK to save the group.

Edit or delete a customer group

If you need to edit or delete a customer group, here’s how.

  1. Go to the Customer Center.
  2. Select the one you want to edit or delete.
  3. Select Edit, then select if you want to Edit or Delete the group.

Email your customer group

  1. Go to Customers and select Customer Center.
  2. Select a customer group from the list, then select Email Group.
    • Review the customers in the Email Customer Group.
    • Update email selections and messaging as needed.
  3. Select Send when you're ready.

Your batch email to the customer group is sent. You can see a history of emails sent to your customer group in the Customer Center under the Emails tab.

Run reports on your Customer group

  1. Go to Reports and select any report.
  2. Select the Filters tab and add the Name filter to the report.
  3. Update the selection in the Name filter to a customer group.

Your report now shows data just for that customer group.

Use an automatic customer group if you want to take advantage of rule-based filtering of the customer group.

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