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Use one user ID to access multiple companies in QuickBooks Online

SOLVEDby QuickBooks236Updated 3 weeks ago

Learn how to use one email and user ID for all the QuickBooks Online companies you sign in to.

Do you use more than one email address or user ID for different QuickBooks Online companies? Make things easier when you use just one to sign in to all of them.

Note: If you want to add more companies in the future, you can add them under your existing user ID.

Send an invite

Send an invite to the email address you want to access all your companies with. We’ll call this “email A”. The email you no longer want to use is “email B”.

• Only the company admin can send invites.
• Make sure you already have an Intuit Account with email A. If you don’t, here’s how you can set it up.

  1. Sign in to one of your QuickBooks Online companies that you access with email B.
  2. Invite email A to the company.
    Note: If you see a user limit message, it’s because QuickBooks Online has a maximum number of users depending on your subscription. Learn more about limits and what you can do to add a user.
  3. Select a user type. If you want email A to manage other users and company info, select Company Admin.
  4. Go to your inbox for email A. Then, select the link you received to accept the invite.
    Note: You can change your email and user ID anytime.

You can now sign in to your company using email A. If you need to, here’s how you can switch to your other company/ies.

(Optional) Change the primary admin and remove email B

Now that you can access your company using email A, you can set it as the primary admin. The primary admin can control everything and manage other users in your company.

If you don’t want to use email B anymore, you can remove it from your company. This frees up space so you can add other users in the future.

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