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Invoice with Google Calendar FAQs

SOLVEDby QuickBooksQuickBooks Online14Updated May 07, 2021

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about Invoice with Google Calendar.

  • Version 1 (V1) requires special tagging in order to sync
  • Version 2 (V2) doesn't require special tagging in order to sync

You can use this app with your personal Gmail account. However, we recommend using G Suite, especially if your business has more than one employee.

When you connect, your Advanced Company settings in QuickBooks Online are updated accordingly. For Time tracking settings, the Add Service field in timesheets will be enabled (set to On).

V1 of Invoice with Google Calendar

QuickBooks Online starts looking for Google Calendar events from the day you connect and back to calendar events for the past 30 days. Information between QuickBooks Online and Google Calendar syncs every 15 minutes. Timesheet activities are automatically created if the event is billable, about 15 minutes after the appointment ends. You can then create an invoice for the customer in QuickBooks Online and see all associated time activities for this customer (the billable time activities that you created in Google Calendar and the timesheet activities that you entered manually both appear).

V2 of Invoice with Google Calendar

Version 2 of Invoice with Google Calendar does not use timesheets.

V1 of Invoice with Google Calendar

You can change calendar events for up to 30 days after the event date, and it will update the timesheet activity in QuickBooks Online. If the timesheet activity has already been invoiced, the invoice will not change accordingly. After 30 days, any changes you make in Google Calendar appointments will no longer update the timesheet activity in QuickBooks Online.

V2 of Invoice with Google Calendar

  • You can change calendar events anytime within Google Calendar, however, if the event has already been added to an Invoice, the updates will not be applied to the Invoice.
  • To update the Invoice with any recent changes, you can delete the previous line on the invoice for the event and re-add the updated event form the Google Calendar drawer on the invoice.

QuickBooks customers are imported into Google Contacts based on their email address, or by matching first and last names, if the email address cannot be found.

The first time you connect to the Bill My Time From Google Calendar app, we add a new group called QuickBooks Customers to your Google Contacts. Your QuickBooks customers are imported into this group. This allows you to identify which contacts were added from QuickBooks. After this first time, if you add new customers in QuickBooks, they are updated in Google Contacts every 15 minutes (in some instances, this might take a few hours).

  • If you're using the Chrome plug-in, press [+] on your keyboard to display a list of QuickBooks customers, then [$] to enter the hourly billable rate.
  • If you're not using the plug-in, Type in [description] [+] QuickBooks customer [currency symbol] hourly billable rate. Customers who you add as Guests are also billed. If you schedule the same calendar event for multiple customers, then only the first customer name that appears is billed.

When you set up a new service, you have the option to add the rate for that service. This is the billing rate that is applied to the billable time for that service item.

  • V1 of Invoice with Google Calendar

    You can overwrite this default rate by using the currency symbol in the Google Calendar event title. If you want to change the default rate for the service item, Select the Gear icon, then Lists, then Products and Services, find the service item and change the sales price.

  • V2 of Invoice with Google Calendar
    To update the default service item used:
  1. From the left menu select Apps.
  2. Select My Apps.
  3. Find Invoice with Google Calendar, then select Settings to open the app center in a separate tab.
  4. Select Change in the Default service item and rate section.
  5. Choose the desired service item at the drop-down (the price rate is associated with the item and will need to be changed in the Products and Services list within QuickBooks Online).
  6. Select Save and close.
  • It is recommended to use the same email address for an employee when setting up your employee in QuickBooks Online and Google Calendar. If you're using G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps for Work), set up all the users for the account using the same domain you set up for your business, for example,
  • Add your employees using the same email address for each calendar that you will use to track billable time.
  • If you do not have all your employees set up in QuickBooks Online, a default vendor is created and is used in the event QuickBooks Online identifies billable time on a Google Calendar, but cannot associate the calendar owner to an employee in QuickBooks.

This app is only available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

These are the supported currencies:

  • Dollar ($): US, Canada, and Australia
  • Euro (€)
  • Pound (£)
  1. From the left menu select Apps.
  2. Select My Apps.
  3. Find Invoice with Google Calendar, then select Disconnect.
  1. Select Settings in Google Calendar, then Help.
  2. Select QuickBooks Customer group in the Contacts page.
  3. Choose Delete Group from the More drop-down.
  4. Select Ok.

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