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Use the Resolution Center for QuickBooks Payments

by Intuit Updated 4 months ago

Learn how to use the Resolution Center.

Check and resolve your case at the Resolution Center. This page supports merchants across all QuickBooks Payments products when they experience a transaction risk case.

Note: Find out why your funds are on hold through email.

Discover risk event

You’ll receive an email from QuickBooks@intuit.com if there’s a risk event that needs attention. This has info about the case and provides you with a link to start the self-serve process.

Note: The Resolution Center isn’t used for all collections cases. Some are issues related to banking.

Access the Resolution Center

  • If you’re the primary admin for the merchant account, you can access the resolution center via:
    • a link provided in the email sent out when a transaction is held for review.
    • QuickBooks Online. Here's how.
      1. Go to the Gear ⚙ icon.
      2. Select Resolution center.
    • a direct link as long as you have an active/open correspondence from Intuit.
  • If you’re a Firm User, login to QuickBooks Online Accountant. Go to the client in question and access the Resolution Center through the Gear ⚙ icon.
    Note: Effective 9/6/2023, Firm Users will now be  able to update Payments Exception cases for clients.

Browse through the Resolution Center

You’ll see the details of your case in the Resolution Center where you can take action to resolve it. Here’s what you’ll see:

  • The live chat link lets you start a chat with our Risk Care Operational Support team.
    Note: Chatting with the team won’t make the process faster nor provide a reason for the disruption.
  • The case number can be used as reference with Support. There’s also a timestamp to indicate when this case was last updated.
  • The status tracker indicates the stage of the resolution process you’re currently in.
  • The detailed information section provides info about the transaction or batch involved with the risk event.
  • The instructions section shows the information you need to provide to resolve the case.
  • The request box is where you can upload documents requested by Intuit.
    • The file size limit is 30 mb for documents ‌uploaded to the Resolution Center. If needed, you can upload multiple documents instead. Each document should be under this limit.
      Important: Upload all documents and respond to questions asked by Intuit within 2 business days of receipt to avoid potential delays.
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