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Create and print timesheets in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

SOLVEDby QuickBooks7Updated April 24, 2023

Learn how to create and print timesheets for paychecks in QuickBooks Payroll.

Do you want to include timesheet data on your paychecks? You can do so if QuickBooks is set up for time tracking. We show you how to create timesheets, print them, and run a report.

Create a weekly timesheet 

  1. Go to Employees, then Enter Time. Select Use Weekly Timesheet.
  2. Select the employee name from the Name ▼dropdown.
  3. Select a Customer: Job, Service Item, and the Billable column if the hours worked are billable.
  4. Select a Payroll Item.
  5. Select a WC Code (Workers Compensation), and a Class if you track and set them up in Preferences.
  6. In the days column, and enter the number of hours worked.
  7. Select Save & Close when done, or Save & New to create a timesheet for the next employee.

Create batch timesheets

Create a timesheet for multiple employees at once.

  1. Go to Employees, then Enter Time. Select Use Weekly Timesheet.
  2. In the Name ▼dropdown, select Multiple names(Payroll)...
  3. In the Select Employee, Vendor or Other Name window, select the names from you’d want to create a timesheet with, then OK.
  4. Fill in the timesheet then select Save & Close.

Create a single activity timesheet

Enter a single activity with a start and stop feature to track your employees' work.

  1. Go to Employees, then Enter Time. Select Time/Enter Single Activity.
  2. Enter info for the following: 
    • Date of the time worked
    • Employee name 
    • Payroll item
    • WC Code and Class (if applicable)
    • Customer: Job, and Service Item if the work is billable. If it isn’t, make sure the Billable checkbox isn't selected.
  3. Select Start to start tracking your employees' working hours.
  4. When the work is done, select Stop, then Save & Close.

Print a blank timesheet

Print a blank timesheet if you want to manually track the time your employee has worked.

  1. Go to Employees, then Enter Time. Select Use Weekly Timesheet.
  2. On the Weekly Timesheet window, select the Print ▼dropdown, then Print Blank Timesheet.
  3. Enter the number of copies you want to print, then select Print.

Print a weekly timesheet

  1. Go to File, then Print Forms. Select Timesheets.
  2. Change the date range as needed.
  3. Select the employee timesheets you want to print.
  4. In the Activity notes, select: 
    • Print first line only if you want to print the first line of each note only.
    • Print full activity notes if you want to print the full text of your activity notes on each timesheet.
  5. Select OK, then Print.

Create a timesheet data report

The timesheet data report displays the following info:

  • Employee names
  • Customer job associated with the timesheet
  • Total number of hours worked on the date range you selected
  1. Go to Reports, then Job, Time & Mileage. Select Time by Name.
  2. Select Customize Report if you want to display more columns or data on the report.
  3. Select OK to save your changes.

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