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Authorize QuickBooks as your Pennsylvania unemployment Third Party Agent

by Intuit Updated 7 months ago

Learn how to authorize QuickBooks to act as your payroll agent in Pennsylvania (PA).

When you set up your new payroll service, or when you add a new employee in PA, you need to authorize us as your payroll agent with the state.

Once you do, we'll be able to get and update your unemployment tax rate on your behalf. This takes just a few minutes to complete.

Authorize QuickBooks as your payroll agent

If you already have an agent added, the agency will automatically remove them as soon as you add QuickBooks as your new agent.

  1. Sign in to your Unemployment Compensation Tax Account.
  2. ​On the UCMS home page, select Employer Profile
  3. Select Manage Representatives
  4. Select the Add New Representative link. 
  5. Enter the following information: 
    1. Representative Identifier: Enter the QuickBooks ID 
      • QuickBooks Online Payroll: 5163135091(This will show as PayCycle Inc)
      • QuickBooks Desktop Payroll: 1875687774 (This will show as Computing Resources Inc)
    2. Effective Date: Enter today’s date
    3. From the Service Function dropdown, select the following
      • Filing Quarterly Reports and Adjustments
      • Contribution Rate Information
      • Delinquencies Account Discrepancies
    4. Select Submit.  

Once we’ve verified this is complete, you’ll get a notification of the acceptance of the TPA/Client relationship from the agency.  This will be sent by US mail or email, depending on the notification preference you set on PA’s website.

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