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Use the QuickBooks Debit Card to get your cash

Learn how to use your QuickBooks Cash Debit Card to withdraw money and make purchases.

After you sign up for QuickBooks Payments, if you're approved, you get a QuickBooks Cash account and a QuickBooks Cash debit card. It's a monthly fee-free checking account within QuickBooks where all of your customer payments get deposited.

Use your QuickBooks Debit Card to withdraw money from your QuickBooks Cash account. You can get cash from ATMs or make purchases like any other Visa Debit Card. And if you use your QuickBooks Debit Card for instant deposits, we also don't charge an additional fee for faster deposits. Here's how to set up and take money out using your QuickBooks Debit Card.

Step 1: Set up your QuickBooks Cash account

If you haven't already, sign up for QuickBooks Payments. If you're approved, you get a QuickBooks Cash account.

You'll get your QuickBooks Debit Card in the mail within 7 - 10 business days.

Step 2: Activate and use your QuickBooks Debit Card

Activate for your debit when you get it in the mail:

  1. Go to the Cash Flow menu.
  2. In the Debit Card info section, select Activate card.
  3. Create a PIN. This is the PIN you'll use to make withdrawals. Then select Next.
  4. Enter the card number, expiration date, and CVV.
  5. When you're done, select Confirm.

Your debit card is now active and ready to use.

Step 3: Use your QuickBooks Debit Card

Your QuickBooks Debit Card works like other debit cards. You can withdraw cash from any AllPoint ATM up to four times for free each month. After that, there's a $3.00 fee per withdrawal. You can also withdraw cash from other ATMs, but there may be a fee.

To locate an AllPoint ATM:

  1. Login to your QuickBooks app from a mobile device.
  2. Select Cash Flow from the menu.
  3. Under the QuickBooks Cash balance, select View account,
  4. Select Manage, then select Find ATM.
  5. When the map opens, it'll use your location services to provide you a list of nearby, in-network ATMs.

You can also make purchases with your QuickBooks Debit Card where Visa Debit Cards are accepted.

Note: If you use instant deposits, there's no additional fee for using your QuickBooks Cash account. For other debit cards, the fee is 1%. This is in addition to the regular fees for processing transactions.

Step 4: Get account info or replace your card

  1. Go to the Cash flow menu.
  2. In the QuickBooks Cash section, select Manage Account.
  3. Select Account info to view your Account number or routing number.
  4. Select Replace card or Reset Pin to get help with your debit card.

Get help with specific transactions

If you need to dispute a transaction, call the number on the back of your QuickBooks Debit Card.

Learn more about your QuickBooks Debit Card.

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