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Assisted payroll ancillary fee schedule


This article is about nonstandard ancillary fee schedules for QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted customers. Except for W-2 fees, which are typically charged in January, these ancillary fees can be charged at any time.

Ancillary fee charges are a result of a payroll penalty or additional nonstandard services per a customer's request, and are not included in the monthly subscription charges. The QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted Ancillary Fee Schedule that follows is effective May 1, 2020.

Note: This fee schedule does not include your regular monthly and transmission fees.


Fee 1
Fee Amount(effective 5/1/2020)
Late or Backdated Payroll 2
Payroll not received by 5pm Pacific Time at least two banking days (Saturdays, Sundays & Federal Reserve Holidays are not banking days)before pay date
Payroll Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) 4
Payroll debits (payroll, payroll taxes and payroll service fees) returned by customer's financial institution for insufficient or uncollected funds
Monthly Service Fee Non Sufficient Funds (NSF)
Monthly service fees, for non-processing customers, returned by customer's financial institution for insufficient or uncollected funds
DD Reversal
Request to reverse Direct Deposit paychecks sent in error
Data Recovery
Request to create a new data file
Form/Return Copies 3
Request for an additional copy of a current year payroll tax return
$25 per form
Form/Return Copies(prior year)
Request for an additional copy of a payroll tax return prior to the year 2000
$100 per year + $25 per form
Request to correct payroll set-up or prior data errors
Prior Quarters = $100 per correction case
Current Quarter Only = No Fee
Request for alteration to a prior tax return for any closed quarter
Wage & Tax = $375 per amendment case
Employee* = $250 per amendment case
*Social Security Number and employee only changes
Legal Entity Change
Request a change in EIN, ownership or company type; i.e. partnership to LLC
$200 per entity case (fee includes additional tax filings as applicable)
Tax Notice
Request assistance with resolution of a tax notice received from federal or state agency
$50 per notice case
Cancellations + Year End Filings
Request preparation of year end filings when canceling your payroll service
$150 per cancelation

Terms, conditions, pricing, features, service and support options are subject to change at any time without notice.

1Provided you have submitted accurate and timely information, if any of these services are needed because of a QuickBooks Desktop Payroll  Assisted  service error, you will not be charged.

2In addition to the $100 fee, sending payroll less than two days in advance of the pay date may result in tax penalties for which your company is liable and responsible to pay directly to the tax agency.

3Delivery charges: fax = no fee; UPS Next Day = $30; UPS Standard = $20

4The Intuit QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted debits for payroll taxes, direct deposits, and fees will be split into two debits per payroll. Your bank may reject one or both of the debits if there is insufficient funds to cover the amounts. If your bank rejects both debits, Intuit will only charge the $100 NSF fee one time, but your bank can add service charges for both debits.

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