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Intuit QuickBooks Australia ranks #1 in Canstar Blue’s 2022 Small Business Accounting Software Awards list

We are thrilled to announce that Intuit QuickBooks Australia has claimed the top spot and won Canstar Blue’s 2022 Most Satisfied Customers Award in the Small Business Accounting Software category, once again.

“Our product is built for small business owners and we continue to listen and understand their needs. We want to power prosperity around the world and we do this by giving small business owners time back to do what they love,” says Gabrielle Dracopoulos, Head of Customer Success at Intuit Quickbooks Australia.

What Canstar Blue’s survey results say about us

According to Canstar Blue’s market research, 43 percent of respondents reported their accounting software made their business operations easier. We are proud that we were able to contribute and help small businesses in this way. 

Our customers who operate across various industries – namely home office business, shopping centres, standalone stores, commercial offices, farms and e-commerce businesses – have found that QuickBooks has really helped them to streamline their business. 

“The world has seen a shift in how we approach work and life, in large part due to the pandemic with the rise of digital adoption and remote working. For many Australian small business owners, time is not something they have a lot of,” Dracopoulos says.

Adarsh Dutt, founder of Oyster Hub, also believes that accounting firms need to research which digital solutions can help improve their operations so they can continue to service their clients when the unexpected – like a pandemic – happens. 

“When you’re starting up, having that human connection is important, and when we approached the QuickBooks team they were responsive, helpful and supportive. They provided guidance and support throughout our entire implementation process,” Dutt says.

Based on research conducted by Canstar, Intuit QuickBooks Australia has outperformed the rest of the market across all drivers of satisfaction, achieving a five star rating in each of the following category:

  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Value for money
  • Design
  • Reporting
  • Ease of integration 
  • Functionality
  • Ease of use
  • Customer service

According to Canstar’s market analysis, our customer satisfaction has increased mainly due to product improvements such as reporting features and functionality.

New product features 

Over the last year, the global effects of COVID-19 have hit small businesses the hardest, with many having to make tough decisions to be able to fund day-to-day expenses. 

Many small businesses were able to stay afloat during the pandemic by making informed decisions based on the additional features embedded in QuickBooks. Through these, they were able to understand their financial position and assess their risk appetite when making business decisions. 

“Small business owners all have competing priorities when running their business and that’s where Quickbooks steps in to help them manage their business. At Intuit QuickBooks Australia, we continually fall in love with the things that cause our customers the most pain so that we can help our customers get back to what they love doing. Our philosophy around design thinking, helps us to focus on the right things at the right time instilling confidence with our customers,” says Dracopoulos.

Design thinking is a fundamental principle of how we innovate at Intuit QuickBooks Australia, and involves running experiments with customers to learn what works and what does not.

In FY22, we provided extra customer support to small businesses and launched new features to help them navigate the uncertainties of a pandemic. These included:

  • Launch of Connect to Square - a reimagined integration between QuickBooks Online (QBO) and Square to solve core customer problems through flexibility, control, multi-location, and discoverability.
I’m so thrilled that I was given early access to this because it has saved me a ton of time. In the past I would have to manually enter my transactions and then I’d have to go through and batch them by day. And then I’d have to make sure my fees that are being calculated are being put in right. So there’s a lot of keystrokes and a lot of opportunities to screw things up. This automates it really well.” - Heather, massage therapist
  • Improvements to the ‘All Sales’ tab, making the page faster, fully accessible and mobile-ready. The improved All Sales tab helped customers understand what sales they have outstanding, which quotes, invoices or sales receipts are ready to be sent to customers and what payments related to which paired transaction.
  • New Left Navigation for Business View to help small business owners find what they need more quickly and easily.
  • Adding tags (customisable labels) to help our QBO customers track details they care about and use the chart of accounts effectively. By using tags, our customers can track their business in a multi-dimensional way without touching the chart of accounts. 

To support accountants and bookkeepers, we’ve also rolled out the following features in FY22:

  • Prep for Taxes was launched to streamline accounts preparation process at no extra effort or costs.
“The Prep for Taxes function within QBO usually saves me at least an hour on a tax return. Prep for Taxes gives me the ability to save supporting workpapers directly in the file, meaning you never have to send an email requesting documents such as bank statements. This feature alone creates huge efficiencies especially if you have an external bookkeeper or other people working on the job with you,” says Tish Bhagwandeen, Chartered Accountant and Founder of Infinance Solutions.
  • Books Review – An exclusive tool for accountants and bookkeeping professionals that helps to deliver accurate and timely accounts and activity statements to prepare for business activity statement lodgement to the Australian Taxation Office.
“One of my biggest tips for using the Books Review area in QuickBooks, is that you can actually mark individual transactions. And from within that section you can ask the client to say what it’s for, so you can get the additional information you need to complete the work,” says Alee Cochrane, Bookkeeper and Virtual CFO, Total Bookkeeping & Business Solutions.

What our customers think about QuickBooks

In its review, Canstar Blue highlighted a range of reasons why our customers are enjoying our products; naming it the #1 product on the market for its depth, flexibility and extensibility for small businesses. 

QuickBooks users listed the following reasons why they’ve enjoyed using the product:

  • Cost effective options
  • Strong brand reputation 
  • Intuitive interface. The software is easy to use 
  • Product is reliable and calculations are accurate
  • The cashflow planner is very helpful
  • Great tool to evaluate the business
  • QBO is so convenient; you can take with you anywhere and receive payment
  • Easy to track mileage
  • Being agnostic it is easy to integrate with other software using APIs
  • Communicates directly with accountants
  • Syncs with banks
  • Reduces stress
  • Great customer service

We are excited to keep creating efficient and cost-effective products that will help small businesses run and grow their business. Find out more about how Intuit QuickBooks Australia can help drive business performance.

About Canstar

Canstar is Australia’s biggest financial comparison site, researching and rating thousands of products from over 730 brands across 30+ different categories. At Canstar Blue, the team assesses the level of customer satisfaction of more than 120+ consumer product categories across 900+ brands. Canstar Blue’s research analysis aims at helping consumers make better purchasing decisions, rank best value plans based on expert methodologies and produce annual awards for the best providers.