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Your books and marketing, together at last


QuickBooks and Mailchimp go hand in hand

When you integrate your accounting and marketing tools, you get the power to start and build your business successfully from day one.


Build comprehensive customer profiles

Use the customer info you track in QuickBooks to segment your audience in Mailchimp. Sync invoices, transaction history, and total revenue to build Mailchimp customer profiles.


Send the right message, at the right time

Use the Mailchimp Free Plan to create custom, automated messaging based on audience segments to welcome new subscribers or re-engage with existing ones.


Get a holistic view of your customers

Access customer profiles in Mailchimp to see invoice and transaction data, engagement history across all your marketing channels, 1:1 messages, survey interactions, and more.

How it works

Connect a QuickBooks Online plan with any Mailchimp plan so you can focus on speeding up sales and accelerating growth.

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Get QuickBooks Online

Choose a plan that fits your business. Your accounting’s covered whether you’re just starting out or established and growing.

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Sign up for Mailchimp

Get started with a Mailchimp Free Plan for an easy‑to‑use marketing platform that helps you engage customers and boost sales.

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Connect and sync

Add customer info in QuickBooks and it syncs to Mailchimp. Then you’re ready to make more effective campaigns with less work.

Seamlessly set up and scale your business

QuickBooks can help you reach your growth goals, even if you’re just starting out.

Sync to Mailchimp in real-time

Sync your QuickBooks customer info, including email address, name, physical address, purchase history, and more. You get up-to-date, organised, and info-rich insights that help you run campaigns with less work.*

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Know where your money is going

All of your bank and credit card transactions automatically sync to QuickBooks to help you seamlessly track your income and expenses.

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Get paid fast

Easily create and send unlimited branded invoices. Add a 'Pay now' button so your customers can make instant payments using their credit card, debit card or PayPal account.

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Build the right plan for your business

Cancel anytime
Unlimited support
Free guided setup

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