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Duplicate entries when downloading merchant service deposits into QuickBooks

Get help with duplicate merchant service deposits in QuickBooks.

If there are duplicate entries when downloading merchant service deposits into QuickBooks, the main causes are:

  • Downloading of Merchant Service Deposits while using QuickBooks Online Banking to reconcile bank deposits
  • Connectivity issues when communicating with our systems
  • An adjusted bank account or transaction in QuickBooks

Prevent duplicate entries

Use Bank Feeds or Merchant Service Deposits

If you use both QuickBooks Bank Feeds and Download Merchant Service Deposits, this can duplicate the info in QuickBooks. Choose only one that fits your business.

Important: Bank Feeds may be better for reconciliation as it downloads all your banking info. The Merchant Service Deposits utility only downloads deposits related to your merchant service transactions. If you use QuickBooks Bank Feeds, you can still download the Merchant Service Fees separately.

Check connectivity issues

Connectivity issues can be caused by:

  • Security settings. To resolve, configure Internet Explorer or Firewall/Security Software.
  • Corrupted QuickBooks add-on files.
  • A Damaged QuickBooks data file. In the QuickBooks menu, select File > Utilities > Verify Data to check for data damage.
  • Improper system configuration for merchant services. Merchant Services does not support Terminal services, VPN, Remote Access, Windows Emulation, or other non-native PC environments.
  • An edited bank account info during the download time period. If you changed the bank account, set the downloading date to the day after the change occurred.

Delete duplicate payments in QuickBooks

If you have transactions showing in the Merchant Deposit window that were already in QuickBooks, follow these steps:

  1. Open the payment in QuickBooks, then press Ctrl+H to pull up the History.
  2. Press Ctrl+D or select Delete at the top to delete the payment. Repeat these steps for any duplicate payments.
    Note: If there is a deposit, delete it too.
  3. Payments that you removed will show in the Merchant Deposits window. To re-enter these transactions, see Record Merchant Service Deposits.