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Made for you, Quick-Look FAQ



Welcome to your Irish Quickbooks Online Community! 


We’re here to get you the help you need, when you need it, so that you can get back to business. We’ve put together a list of FAQs from Irish customers that answer your most asked questions from the last quarter.


Help, I can’t sign in

We know how important it is to get the help you need, especially if you are having trouble signing in. These  troubleshooting steps will help you get you back on track. 


I invited a user, but they haven’t received an email invitation?

Sometimes invitations can get misplaced. First, have the user check their junk folder. If the invitation is not in their junk folder, get them to add Intuit's service email addresses in their email's list of accepted senders. If they are still not receiving the email, go to the gear icon, manage users, delete the user. When you re-send the invite, ensure all the spelling is correct. If you are still having trouble adding your user, we can walk you through what to check for next


Can I Invite a client from another region to my Ireland QBOA file or add a QBO company from another region under my existing Ireland QBO email login?

You can add a company from any region under your QBO account using the same login credentials (for example: you may add a UK company to Ireland QBOA) . Please note,  every company added to your account, counts as a separate company and subscription. 


How do I invite my accountant to my Quickbooks Online account?

You can add or remove your accountant to give them access to view your books and accounting information, as well as give them access to accountant specific tools. 


How do I run a Return of Trading Details (RTD) report? 

You can run a RTD report directly in your Quickbooks Online Ireland account. All Irish businesses registered for VAT must file a Return of Trading Details (RTD) form on an annual basis, following the end of their respective accounting period. The RTD is a summary of supplies of goods and services, imports and purchases giving rise to deductible input VAT at the various VAT rates. The return includes all Irish, intra-EU, and overseas trades carried out by Irish businesses. 


How do I check how much VAT I owe in QBO?

To check how much VAT you owe in QBO, you will need to run the VAT liability report.  This helps you make sure everything is accurate before you file your return to your tax agency.

How do I import data from another software or Quickbooks Desktop into Quickbooks Online?

Lists and Opening Balances migration is the recommended method of migrating data from another accounting system to QuickBooks Online. This method brings across open transactions and Chart of Account (General Ledger) balances as of a specified date, usually the end of an accounting quarter and, if possible, the end of your financial year. For instance, if you wanted to migrate as of 1st June, 2020, then you would migrate any open transactions and account balances as of that date. Using this method, your Balance Sheet is brought over as of 31st May, 2020. We are here to help make things easy with list migration with  Common Questions about importing data into Quickbooks Online. 


I can’t find my bank account listed when I go to connect my bank or credit card account

Ensure you have entered the correct URL into the search. For example, search for "" for HSBC. If the spelling, and URL are correct and it is still not showing up, you can request support for your bank. In the meantime, you may still be able to download transactions from your bank's website and manually upload bank transactions to QuickBooks Online.