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Resolve Direct Deposit Issues

Occasionally you may encounter a problem when submitting direct deposit checks. Here are some solutions to common problems.

I missed the direct deposit submission deadline. What do I do?

If you missed the direct deposit deadline, but it's still before the pay date, you can create a paper check for the employee.

Why did I get a direct deposit limit error message?

The total of your company's Direct Deposits/Vendor exceeded the maximum allowed daily limit. You can have your Direct Deposit limits raised, or you can modify your payroll transmission so you are under the limit.

See Request a direct deposit limit increase for more info.

My employee didn't receive direct deposit funds on payday. What do I do?

This happens because either the bank account info was entered incorrectly or there is a problem with the employee's account.

Most of the time, the funds will get rejected and returned to the employer bank account within 2–3 banking days after the pay date. If the employee hasn't received the funds by midnight of the settlement date, you may request a direct deposit trace. Log in to your account and contact support through in-product help menu.

Can you reverse a direct deposit transaction?

Due to additional risk associated with late returns and the fact that reversals against individual accounts can be rejected for up to 60 days, it is our general policy to not attempt reversals.

You are in the best position to collect the funds back from the employee, even if the employee is terminated. However, if you’ve exhausted all efforts to retrieve the funds on your own and have been unsuccessful, you can request a direct deposit reversal.

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