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Manage documents from your Intuit Account

by Intuit Updated 1 month ago

Learn how to manage documents uploaded from QuickBooks Online and TurboTax to your Intuit Account.

The Documents page of your Intuit Account lets those with admin access add, view, print, and download business or tax documents. The files you see in the Business section are pulled from QuickBooks Online, and the files you see in the Personal section are pulled from TurboTax. When you add documents like receipts and invoices to QuickBooks or tax forms to TurboTax, they’ll automatically appear in your Intuit Account. These documents remain available in the Intuit products they were originally uploaded.

Manage documents from your Intuit Account

  1. Sign in to the Intuit Account Manager.
  2. Select Documents.
    Note: Your view depends on what Intuit products you use. If you have a QuickBooks account, you’ll see both Business and Personal sections. If you have a TurboTax account but are not a QuickBooks user, you’ll only see your personal tax documents.
  3. For QuickBooks documents, files display from a single QuickBooks business. If you have multiple businesses associated with your Intuit Account, you can change your business view. To do this, select Change, choose your business from the list, then select View documents.
  4. To add a file to your documents, select Add documents, then select the file source: your current device, a mobile device, or cloud storage. Then select the files you want to add.
  5. Use the search bar and filters to find specific documents, or use the arrows at the top of the columns to sort your documents by name, document type, date added, or date modified.
  6. Select the Actions dropdown and choose one of the following options:
    • View: Opens the document in a preview mode on your browser.
    • Print: Allows you to print a document. To print multiple documents, select the check boxes next to the filenames, then select Print.
    • Download: Downloads the file directly to your device. To download multiple documents, select the check boxes next to the filenames, then select Download.

Common questions about document management

You can view the Business section in your documents if you’re a part of a business, but you can only view QuickBooks documents if you’re an admin for your business. At this time, QuickBooks Payroll documents are not supported.

Documents in the Business tab come from the QuickBooks business associated with your email address. Documents in the Personal tab come from the TurboTax account associated with your email address. Currently, we only bring in documents from QuickBooks, but check back periodically for updates.

We use strict security practices to help ensure that only you have access to your personal and confidential information. To learn more about how we work to protect your data, visit intuit.com/privacy.

No, you can’t remove your documents from your Intuit Account. But if you delete a document in QuickBooks or TurboTax, it will be deleted in your Intuit Account as well.

Not right now. Documents currently stores QuickBooks and TurboTax files only, but check back periodically for updates.

Yes, but only if you're a QuickBooks customer with access to the Business tab. You can upload files from your computer, mobile device, or your Google Drive or Dropbox account. From your Documents homepage, select Add documents. The files you select for upload will be automatically added to a folder called Uploaded documents. From there, you can sort them into any folder you wish. 

File upload isn’t available to TurboTax customers yet, but we’re working on it. Check back periodically for updates.

No, because this might negatively impact the way QuickBooks and TurboTax work for you. You can only delete files directly from QuickBooks or TurboTax.

Yes! You can find, import, and sort these files in QuickBooks by selecting Browse Intuit documents from the upload options anywhere file upload is available.

Not right now, but check back periodically for updates.

No, you can’t move or copy documents between the two tabs, or combine your documents into a single list.

No. You can’t upload documents directly from your Intuit Account to other document storage areas or attach them to emails. To move your Intuit documents to another storage area, download them to your device and reupload them to the non-Intuit location.

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