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Fix Error 350 in QuickBooks Desktop

by Intuit Updated 10 months ago

Learn how to resolve Error 350 in QuickBooks Desktop.

The Error 350 message includes the line “Verify ToC: Verify has failed due to an error under Transfer of Credits related to transactions.” “Transfer of Credits” usually involves an invoice, a general journal entry (GJE), and a payment. The error occurs when transactions aren’t linked properly. Here’s how to fix it.

  1. Go to Edit, then select Find.
  2. Under the Simple tab, select Invoice from the Transaction Type ▼ dropdown.
  3. Enter the invoice number mentioned in the error message / error logs on the Invoice no. field. Select Find, then select the invoice from the search results.

    Note: If there’s no invoice no. mentioned in the error message, you can use either the GJE no. or Receipt no.. Repeat steps two to three. Replace Invoice with Journal or Sales Receipt. Access the transaction history from the Edit menu and select the transaction.
  4. On the invoice, select Create a Copy.

    Note: Change the invoice date to match it with the date on the original invoice. Don’t change anything else.
  5. Select Save & Close. You’ll be back on the Customer Payment screen.
  6. Go to Edit, then select Transaction History. Select the original invoice, then select Delete.
  7. Go to Edit, select Transaction History, then select the payment.
  8. Put a checkmark on the transaction line where the new invoice is located. Make sure all related transactions are linked.

    Note: If you can’t locate the new invoice on the payment details, you may need to re-create the payment as well. Repeat steps four to seven. Replace invoice with payment. This new customer payment will contain the invoice details. Put a checkmark on the invoice line to link it. Do the same for GJEs.
  9. Verify and rebuild your data.

Download and install QuickBooks Tool Hub for QuickBooks Desktop for Windows.

  1. In the Tool Hub, go to Company File Issues.
  2. Select Quick Fix my File.
  3. Let the process finish, then select OK.
  1. In the Tool Hub, go to Company File Issues.
  2. Select Run QuickBooks File Doctor.
  3. Select your company file from the dropdown ▼, or select Browse and find your file.
  4. Select Check your file then Continue.
  5. Log in, then select Continue. The process should take a few minutes to complete.

 Contact QuickBooks Desktop support if the issue persists.

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