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Accessibility in QuickBooks Time

SOLVEDby QuickBooks2Updated December 01, 2022

Learn about QuickBooks Time’s accessibility features and screen reader support.

Intuit takes accessibility of our websites seriously and we are committed to meeting the needs of all of our customers. This guide describes the general layout of the application, basic interaction, and assistive technologies that are used during quality testing.


QuickBooks Time has four main landmarks to navigate the site:

  • Header (sometimes called “banner”) - This has a visually hidden accessibility toolbar, consisting of quick shortcuts to navigate or interact with commonly used features in QuickBooks Time.
  • Navigation - This is the primary site menu. Navigating to and selecting options here opens pop-up windows for the selected feature within the main section of QuickBooks Time.
  • Main - this section contains the popup windows that are open. 
  • Footer (sometimes called “contactinfo”) - this contains legal, privacy, and contact information.

Popup windows

Selecting a link from Navigation will open up a popup window in the QuickBooks Time main section. You can have many windows open, but the windows are never duplicated. Keyboard focus is put on the popup window’s container, or “region”, so you can immediately start working in that popup window. Each popup window has its own heading level one (H1), since it’s a self-contained region that acts as a distinct page.The H1 text will tell you what that window is, so you know which windows you have open when navigating between them. Each window has a button labeled “close”, which can be selected to close that popup. 

Accessibility Toolbar

Located in the Header section, the Accessibility Toolbar has quick shortcuts to navigate or interact with commonly used features in QuickBooks Time. The toolbar is visually-hidden until keyboard focus is moved into the toolbar, at which time the toolbar appears at the top of the banner and disappears again once keyboard focus exits. It contains the following actions: 

  • Skip to main navigation - this shortcut takes you to the Navigation section. 
  • Quick actions - This displays a popup menu with both a quick action section and a skip to section. Navigate it using the up and down arrows on your keyboard, and close it by pressing tab or escape. 
    • Quick actions - Each action here also has corresponding keyboard shortcuts, You can use the keyboard shortcuts at any time, not just in this menu. 
      • Clock in - clock in to the last job or customer you were clocked in to. If you are already clocked in, it will open the Time Clock window. 
        • Primary shortcut: ALT+SHIFT+I (press and hold “ALT”, “SHIFT”, and the “I” at the same time), OPT+SHIFT+I for MacOS
        • Secondary shortcut: ci (“c” and “i” without a space)
      • Clock out - clocks you out. If your company requires custom fields, those must be filled out before you can clock out. 
        • Primary shortcut: ALT + SHIFT + O (press and hold “ALT”, “SHIFT”, and then “O” at the same time), OPT+SHIFT+O for MacOS
        • Secondary shortcut: co (“c” and then “o” without a space)
      • Take/End a break - starts a break. If you are already on a break, it ends the break. An accessible dialog appears if there is more than one break to choose from. 
        • Primary shortcut: ALT + SHIFT + B (press and hold “ALT”, “SHIFT”, and then “B” at the same time), OPT+SHIFT+B for MacOS
        • Secondary shortcut: tb (“t” and then “b” without a space)
      • Close windows - closes all popup windows. Note: be sure anything you are filling out is saved before selecting this option. 
        • Primary shortcut: ALT + SHIFT + W (press and hold “ALT”, “SHIFT”, and then “W” at the same time), OPT+SHIFT+W for MacOS
        • Secondary shortcut: cw (“c” and then “w” without a space)
    • Skip to - Skip to links appear for any open popup window. Selecting one of the options will switch your focus to that window.
  • Get help - This displays a popup menu with further help options. Navigate it using the up and down arrows on your keyboard, and close it by pressing tab or escape.
    • Accessibility Guide - opens a new browser tab with this help guide. 
    • Chat with us - opens a chat dialogue with our support team, when available. 
    • Give feedback - opens a form to submit feedback that goes directly to our QuickBooks Time accessibility team. 

Important note: The primary keyboard shortcuts will not work if the person is using MacOS VoiceOver with quicknav turned on. Also, the secondary keyboard shortcuts do not work with screen readers.

Interactive Controls

Many interactive controls such as inputs, buttons, and links are using traditional, semantic elements that can be controlled using a keyboard or screen reader. 

Controls in older features may not use semantic elements and instead have clickable text. If you use a screen reader, you may have to select these controls using the screen reader’s virtual mouse (visit toggle mouse-tracking with NVDA or VoiceOver keyboard shortcuts for more information). If you primarily use a keyboard, you will need to use a mouse to interact with these. 

Supported Technologies

Accessibility testing for QuickBooks Time includes the following:

  1. MacOS with VoiceOver and Safari
  2. Windows 10 with NVDA and Chrome
  3. Windows 10 with NVDA and FireFox

JAWS is not used in testing but the latest version has been known to work well for Windows 10 + Chrome or FireFox. For more information about NVDA, visit NV Access - About NVDA or consult the NVDA quick reference guide. For more information about VoiceOver, visit Deque’s VoiceOver Keyboard Shortcuts guide.

QuickBooks Time VPAT

The Intuit QuickBooks Time Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) describes how QuickBooks Time accessibility features meet federal Section 508 Standards.

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