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Track and submit your time on QuickBooks Workforce

by Intuit Updated 3 months ago

Learn how to track and submit your time in QuickBooks Workforce. 

If you’re an admin or manager, you can also track time for your group or crew. If you need to, you can also troubleshoot your app

Learn how to:

You can also access important documents related to your pay and taxes. Learn how to view your pay stubs, W-2s, and other documents in Workforce.

Clock in

  1. Open your QuickBooks Workforce.
  2. If needed, sign in.
  3. Select Track Time, then Time clock.
  4. If shown, choose your job or customer under Job or Customer.
    • You can favorite your most used jobs by selecting the star icon next to the job. Then, select Favorites (#) to access them quickly.
    • If addresses are associated with a job, jobs near your current location appear under Nearby at the top.  If it isn't turned on already, you’ll be prompted to turn on location services on your device to use this feature.
  5. If needed, enter any other required fields, like Notes.
  6. Select Clock In. Your timer will begin to count.

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Clock out

  1. When you’re done working, select Track Time, then Time clock.
  2. Select Clock Out.
    1. If there are any required fields that weren’t filled out earlier, the app will prompt you to fill those out. Fill out the fields, then select Save and clock out.

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Switch jobs or customers

  1. If you need to switch to a different job or customer, select Track Time, then Time clock.
  2. Select Switch.
  3. Select a recently worked job or customer, or select Work on something else.
  4. Select a new job or customer from the list, and fill out any other required fields.
  5. Your time on the new job or customer will start automatically.

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Take a break

  1. Select  Track Time, then Time clock.
  2. Select Break, then choose your break from the list.
  3. If needed, enter any required fields, then Save and clock out.
  4. After your break, select End Break.

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Edit or delete your timesheet

Note: If you forget to clock in or out, you can adjust your time if your admin has granted you the permission.

  1. Select Track Time, then Timesheets.
  2. Select the timesheet you want to edit or delete.
    1. To edit, make the changes, then Save.
    2. To delete, select More options More_QBTime_US_Ext_052223.png, then Delete timesheet, and select Delete to confirm.

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Submit time

Note: You won't be able to edit your hours after submitting your timesheet unless your admin or manager rejects it. To review and submit timesheets, your admin must turn on that feature.

  1. Select Track Time, then Timesheets.
  2. Select More options More_QBTime_US_Ext_052223.png, then Submit time.
  3. Select the dates to submit, then select Submit.
  4. Select Submit again to confirm.

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