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Downgrading subscription

Due to the recent substantial rise in the price of QBO, which in my opinion, are really not worth it by any means as they are closing some features that was the reason why I chose Quickbook at the beginning.

That being said, I want to downgrade from Quickbook Inventory to Quickbook basic, as I don't really use the features and really it is more a hassle than nothing else. Especially the bundles not being accessible on the apps.

I can't find how to downgrade subscription because I have multicurrency turned on. I buy inventory in JPY and sell them in CAD.

I am really in need of help as paying 720$ a year for something I don't use seems a bit like a racket.

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Downgrading subscription

Hey there ARTAartsdelatable,


Thanks for reaching out to us here. QuickBooks Online is a dynamic program that helps keep your books balanced. I would be happy to provide some information.


 Once Multicurrency has been turned on, it can't be turned off. This is why you're unable to downgrade. You'll need to upgrade or downgrade to a subscription that supports multi-currency. This is because QuickBooks changes the way it calculates numerical values for your company file when multi-currency is enabled.  In order to successfully change plans, you would need to create a new account and import your data. However, you will no longer have access to the multicurrency feature and this will affect your purchases in JPY as well.  Before making a decision to downgrade your current QuickBooks Online plan, I recommend looking into third party apps for inventory management, to ensure it's the best fit for your business needs.  Once you've decided, here's how to cancel your current QuickBooks Online account and export your data.


If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us here.

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Downgrading subscription


Vous devez vous inscrire pour un nouveau compte QBO et acheter un service tiers pour convertir vos données


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