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Migration from QuickBooks Essential FR to QuickBooks Online UK

Can someone help me understand what I need to do to migrate from QuickBooks Essential FR to QuickBooks Online UK please?  In English?


I need to do this pretty quickly, so any suggestions, ideas, comments (please try to keep them positive) would be very welcome.


Many thanks.

Équipe QuickBooks
Équipe QuickBooks

Migration from QuickBooks Essential FR to QuickBooks Online UK

It's nice to see you here in the Community space, usernicky.


Currently, there's no direct way to transfer your data to another QuickBooks Online (QBO) subscription. We'll have to create a new QBO company file to transfer your data into the United Kingdom version. Here's how:


  1. Go to this link and choose the QBO UK plan you want to subscribe to:
  2. You can click the Buy Now button or the Free 30-Day Trial.
  3. Click the Sign in link next to Already have an Intuit account?
  4. Follow the on-screen process to proceed.


Once done, proceed to export your data into the QBO UK company file. Here's an article for your reference: Export data, reports, lists, and more from QuickBooks Online. Then, import the file into your new Online account. Here's an article you can refer to for more details about common questions about importing data to QuickBooks Online


You can also look for a third-party app that lets you convert or migrate your data automatically to the new QBO company.


Additionally, check out our general help topics page if you need help with other tasks in the program. Type your concern in the search field, and this page will route you to the related help articles, Community discussions, video tutorials, and more.


If there's anything else you need help with transferring your QBO subscription, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'll be around and more than happy to help you. Keep safe!

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Migration from QuickBooks Essential FR to QuickBooks Online UK


Prepare your QBO UK version


then you may have 2 ways to convert data:

1. Use a migration tool


2. Purchase a 3rd party conversion service.

Florent F

Migration from QuickBooks Essential FR to QuickBooks Online UK


Good morning @usernicky  and welcome back to the Community,


Thank you for sharing your experience regarding data transfer in QuickBooks.


Hello and thank you also to @RCV and @Fiat Lux - ASIA for this additional information.

If I understand your request correctly, you would like to migrate your data from QuickBooks France to QuickBooks UK.

The other versions of QuickBooks (including UK) do not have the same features and functionalities as those you use via the French product and which allow you to comply with the accounting and financial laws and regulations in France, in particular, chart of accounts, anti-fraud law and creation of the FEC.

Moreover, your commercial and accounting data processed in your QuickBooks France product should in principle correspond to a legal entity registered in France. The UK version will not allow you to replace the French product as is.

The migration of data is therefore not recommended unless you have checked with your Chartered Accountant that the transfer is compatible and appropriate.

Nevertheless, here are several links that will allow you to export your data from QuickBooks:

- Exporting data, reports, lists and more from QuickBooks.
- How to export and transfer your FEC from QuickBooks to your accounting production tool ?

I hope you find this information helpful. Do not hesitate to come back to the Community for any clarification you may need.

I wish you a nice day and thank you for contacting the Community.

QuickBooksement yours
QuickBooks Moderator





Bonjour @usernicky  et bienvenu sur la Communauté,


Je vous remercie pour le partage de votre expérience concernant le transfert de données dans QuickBooks.


Bonjour et merci également à @RCV  et @Fiat Lux - ASIA  pour ces informations complémentaires.


Si j’ai bien compris votre demande, vous souhaiteriez migrer vos données depuis QuickBooks France vers QuickBooks UK.


Les autres versions de QuickBooks (dont UK) n’ont pas les mêmes caractéristiques et fonctionnalités que celles que vous utilisez via le produit français et qui vous permettent de respecter les lois et réglementations comptables et financières en France notamment, plan comptable, loi anti-fraude et création du FEC.


Par ailleurs, vos données commerciales et comptables traitées dans votre produit QuickBooks France devraient en principe correspondre à une entité juridique immatriculée en France. La version UK ne vous permettra pas de remplacer tel quel le produit français.


La migration des données n’est donc pas recommandée sauf si vous vous êtes assuré auprès de votre Expert-comptable de la compatibilité et de l’opportunité de ce transfert.


Voici tout de même plusieurs liens qui vous permettront d’exporter vos données de QuickBooks :


Exporter des données, des rapports, des listes et plus encore depuis QuickBooks.
Comment exporter et transférer votre FEC de QuickBooks vers votre outil de production comptable ?


J’espère que ces informations vous seront utiles. N’hésitez pas à revenir sur la Communauté pour tout éclaircissement que vous estimeriez nécessaire.


Je vous souhaite une belle journée et je vous remercie d’avoir contacté la Communauté.


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