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How do i create a donation income on quickbooks online whick code account to use?


How do i create a donation income on quickbooks online whick code account to use?

Good afternoon @fcscjeconomat-gm, 


Welcome to the QuickBooks Community. 


In order to provide you the best support, could you please confirm if you have the QBO France product? 

The tools available will vary depending on the country in which your company with a QuickBooks account is registered for tax purposes. 


On the French product, donations income/received must be recorded via a journal entry. 


Here are the steps to follow to create a journal entry in QuickBooks : 

  • Click on + New.
  • Select Journal entry.
  • Fill in the required fields.
  • Select Save & create or Save & close.

I strongly advise you to contact a Chartered Accountant to find out the contents of the journal entry (including the accounts to be charged, which will depend on the type of donation you want to record - exceptional donation, donation of a routine nature, etc.). 



Kindly find below a link from the website "compta-online" which will give you an example of journal entry to register a donation (in French)

La comptabilisation des dons manuels, donations et legs reçus 



I hope that this information will be useful to you. 

We remain available for any clarification you may require. 


I wish you a pleasant end of the day,