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Smart, Simple Accounting Software for Small Business

Accounting Software for small and growing businesses

Create custom, professional invoices in a few easy steps and go from sent to paid in days.

You've done the work. Now let's get you paid.

Custom invoices

Use a QuickBooks invoicing software to create a custom invoice to represent your brand.

Turn quotes / estimates to invoices - Create quotes that include discounts, payment terms and more. When you’re ready, turn your estimate into an invoice in a click.


Track payments in real-time

See who’s paid and who hasn’t. Check the status of any invoice from your computer, smartphone or tablet. QuickBooks shows you due or overdue invoices and can send automatic reminders.


Get time back with automated invoicing

Automate your invoicing process to save time and ensure accuracy. If you have regular customers, schedule invoices to be generated and sent automatically. You can send invoices individually or in batches to save even more time.

Automatic invoice reminders - Let QuickBooks do the chasing for you. When a customer's due date is approaching, a reminder email will be sent, without you lifting a finger.

Recurring invoices - We’ll save the date. Set up recurring invoices for customers you bill regularly, so you can focus on what matters most.

Taxes, discounts & shipping

Create invoices with tax, discounts and shipping costs calculated for you. QuickBooks does the maths and keeps track of how much you earn and owe.


Send invoices from anywhere

Create and send invoices in minutes. With QuickBooks, you can access your account at any time, and run your business on any device.

Send invoices with WhatsApp to reach your customers where they are.


Signs Your Business is Ready to Upgrade its Accounting Solution

  • Your Accounting Software Takes Your Majority Time

With no facility of linking your banking accounts to your traditional accounting software, you are entering all the financial data manually. Likewise, you are sending customer invoices and processing payroll manually which consumes time that you can probably invest in core business activities.

  • Lack of Support For Multi-Currency Transactions

You are losing serious business to your competitors if your accounting software does not support the multi-currency feature. This is because due to the lack of this feature, you would be unable to bill your vendors and customers, denote price in foreign currency, undertake banking transactions, manage credit card accounts, etc thereby making you give up on the business opportunity.

  • Less Or No Automation

Accounting software should be such that it automates your accounting process so that you get time on your side for core business activities. If with your current accounting software, you are still:

  • Preparing and sending invoices manually to the customers whom you give the same service month after month
  • Manually entering the data and spending good time on reconciling the bank statements
  • Using physical copies of expense receipts and entering data manually

Then it’s time to shift to accounting software.

  • No Mobility

With companies increasingly shifting towards remote working, it is important that your accounting software allows you to manage your books of accounts on-the-go. If your accounting software requires you to be desk-bound, it is certainly an indication that you need to switch to cloud-based accounting.

  • No Software Updates

Your accounting data is subject to serious security issues if it is not regularly updated for advanced security. Similarly, if the accounting boards release certain changes in accounting rules or tax reforms are released by the government that is not updated into your software, you lose out on the latest features that can make your accounting process effortless.

  • Restricted Third-Party Integrations

If your current accounting software is not integrated with a good number of third-party integrations, you would be required to switch between various apps for different tasks. This would mean less automation and increased complexity for you will have to move between different apps for various tasks.

Cloud Security Is World Class

The local storage on your desktop is not a safe place to store your valuable accounting data. Lack of software updates in traditional accounting software for security and regular generating of data backups in external hard drives or USB devices subject your accounting data to viruses and ransomware.

Further, storing valuable information in the servers at your office is something that may seem easy or convenient, but it is certainly vulnerable to data loss if there is a natural disaster, a simple coffee spill, or your server crashing.

Thus, accounting data stored on a single computer on your office premises can put you in a risky situation. This is where cloud security outshines your office servers for it keeps your valuable information safe in various ways.

  • Building Redundancy

The data on the cloud is stored on multiple physical servers. These servers are genuinely placed in large rooms or warehouses and are connected to the internet.

The accounting services providers have servers in various locations just to ensure that your valuable financial data is not just located in one place but at multiple locations in order to build redundancy.

This means that the multiple copies of your accounting data are backed-up and stored in different servers at various geographical locations. Such redundancy reduces the risk of your information being destroyed completely as a result of fire, natural disaster, crashing of a server, etc.

Therefore, accounting services providers ensure that you continue to have access to your financial data just in case there is any mishap.

  • Encryption

Another feature that makes accounting software security outstanding is the encryption of data. In computing accounting, you upload the financial data on the cloud where it is stored.

Since you are transferring the financial data to the cloud, you would certainly want such transmission to be encrypted. Encryption rewrites your accounting information into a code.

Thus, understanding this code is out of the question for hackers or unauthorized entities who try to access your accounting information. There are different types of encryption used by accounting services providers.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the most commonly used encryption method which allows for the safe transferring of data from websites and browsers. accounting services providers generally use 128-bit encryption which is the same security measure used by financial institutions and banks worldwide.

  • Automatic Backups

With accounting software, you do not need to be worried about not saving the business snapshot reports or copies of your invoices. This is because such an accounting software provides an automatic backup facility that takes the backup of your accounting data after every few minutes.

This allows you as a user to restore the previous versions of your accounting reports or anything that you do from a particular point in time. And with cloud-based accounting software providing for redundancy, your accounting information does not get lost for there are multiple copies of your financial data stored at various locations.

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"Before QuickBooks I dreaded the accounting side of my business. Now I can get everything done in minutes and spend time doing what I love."

- Ash Read - Full time self-employed


"One of the biggest benefits we've seen is speed of payments, which is much better than it was under our old paper-based system."

- Amanda B. - Small business owner


"The time we have saved with QuickBooks has been massive, I'm able to do all of my financial management and planing in one place."

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Can I upload my own invoice and have more than one invoice template?

It is possible to upload your own invoice template and access multiple templates in QuickBooks.

What can I customize on my invoice?

You can customise just about anything on your invoice. It's easy to change fonts, add logos, edit colour schemes and choose what to show in the header and footer.

Can I schedule and setup recurring invoices?

You can create a recurring template for just about every type of transaction, such as invoices or expenses.

What is an invoice?

An invoice is a document given to collect payment issued by a vendor to a customer. It includes the products or services with associated costs. Learn more

How can I automate my invoices?

Try QuickBooks. From chasing overdue invoices to running complex calculations, QuickBooks uses automation to help you send smarter invoices and get paid faster.

How can I send invoices using WhatsApp?

Sending invoices with WhatsApp helps you connect with customers where they feel most comfortable.  Watch the video or read more about it here.

Can I send recurring invoices with QuickBooks?

Yes, it’s easy to set up recurring invoices. This is an option that you can add whenever you create a new invoice in QuickBooks. Read more about it here.

How do I calculate taxes on my invoices?

Let us do that for you. QuickBooks automatically calculates the correct amount of tax to add to your invoice.

Can I customise my QuickBooks invoices?

Yes, go ahead and add your personal touch. QuickBooks lets you customise invoices, estimates and sales receipts with a look that suits your brand.

Can I create and send invoices from mobile devices?

Yes, you can create and send invoices from your phone or tablet.

What is online invoicing software?

Online invoicing software is sometimes called ‘cloud-based software’. It allows users to create, store and send invoices from any device.

You don’t need anything saved on your computer, and there are no disks to load. Simply log in on a web browser and jump right into your QuickBooks account. Your personal data and settings are right there, stored safely in ‘the cloud'.


What is the best Online Invoicing Software?

Well, we think QuickBooks is pretty great, and so do our 4.5 million users. Every day, small businesses around the world use our software to send their invoices.

Why should I use online invoicing software?

With online invoicing software, you're never tied to your desk. However and wherever you do business, you can create, send and track invoices anytime and on any device.

Who should use online invoicing software?

If you run a business and need to charge customers for your goods or services, you will need online invoicing software. QuickBooks is built for small businesses, freelancers, startups and established enterprises. However you do business, do it with QuickBooks.

Does QuickBooks have free invoicing software?

You can try QuickBooks Online for free for 30 days. During your trial, you’ll get access to all of QuickBooks incredible features and send unlimited invoices for free.


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