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Gonzalo Leiva
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Quickbooks Dashboard

Hi everyone, I would like to hear experiences of users using Quickbooks Online Dashboard tool, what you like and what you don't,  and if you have considered connecting Quickbooks to better Reporting tools for your monthly Financials.

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Quickbooks Dashboard

Dashboard is just ok.  Would like to see a few more options on it.


Reporting is a bit lacking.  What I dont like is the inability to move items around.  For instance, I am paying income tax and it is sitting in Expenses but I would like to see it after operating income and then income tax and then net income after tax.  I haven't worked out a way to sort that out.


Quickbooks Dashboard

Hi Tim302, 


It's a great idea to be able to move some items on the dashboard in QuickBooks Online. The customization features at this time include adjusting and picking date ranges for the information you'd like to see. In the meantime, you can generate a Profit and Loss report to view details or summary of your expenses on a specific account.


Appreciate your valuable feedback and will make sure to pass this suggestion along to our product engineers. This way, they can look into it and consider adding it to their future updates. We'll keep working to improve your experience.


Please don't hesitate to post again if you need anything else.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Quickbooks Dashboard


Consider using a BI app.

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Quickbooks Dashboard

The Dashboard doesn't actually work. Worse still, it is impossible to get any resolution to issues. 4 weeks ago, I raised the issue of banking malfunctioning with my Quickbooks Online account. Since that time, I have had a rubbish response from the Quickbooks Support Team. I have decided to now crowd source possible solutions here and on my social media accounts.


The banking issues have been ongoing for over a month. None of the issues I have raised have ever been fixed. Worse still, the Quickbooks team refuses to let me know what is happening. I can only assume they have decided they cannot or will not fix the issues. 


I'm keen to hear from business owners who experienced similar issues, to hear what advice and solutions you have found, and which alternative software you have moved to.