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Tanya Takkar
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Bank reco

I have reconciled my bank account for April and may month and after reconciling I have altered some transaction head in bank and its balance become unreconciled and when I choose it reconcile it again it select opening balance from 01st of June. If I have to reconcile my bank from April again what is the way to do that?

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Bank reco

I'll provide the two ways on how to reconcile your bank from April and May again, @Tanya Takkar. I'm also here to ensure you're able to resolve its balance issues in QuickBooks Online (QBO). 


Altering reconciled transactions may cause balance differences in your bank. That's why the system selects opening balance on June 1st when reconciling it from April again. 


If your accountant isn't connected to your QBO account, let's go to the Account History page. From there, you can manually unreconcile each transaction from a completed reconciliation last April and May. This way, you can reconcile the account with the correct ending balances monthly. As a reference, I'd suggest printing a reconciliation report to determine those transactions. Once done, proceed with the steps below. 

  1. Go to Accounting from the left menu and select Chart of Accounts.
  2. Locate the appropriate account.
  3. Choose Account history from the Action column. 
  4. Select the transaction. 
  5. Go to the Status (/) column and click the box many times until it is blank. 
  6. Click Save
  7. Repeat the process for the other transactions within the reconciliation period (April and May).


The screenshot below shows you the fifth to sixth steps. For the detailed instructions, see Step 2 through this article: Undo And Remove Transactions From Reconciliations


Once done, let's use the Audit Log to re-enter some altered transactions. After that, reconcile your bank account again for April. It's already balanced if the difference is zero. Then, proceed with reconciling it one more time for May. 


If your accountant is connected to your QBO company, I'd recommend getting in touch with them. They have a special tool to undo the entire reconciliation for the two affected months. Also, they can help you review all your transactions to ensure your books are accurate. That way, your reconciliations will get back on track. 


For more information, visit this resource hub: Reconcile Workflow. Then, go to the Edit completed reconciliations section. It also contains in-depth details about starting, fixing any differences, and completing the reconciliation process.


Please leave a comment below if you need anything else. I'll gladly help, @kim-reddick.

Tanya Takkar
Level 1

Bank reco