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Cannot connect to my Banking Institution

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Re: Cannot connect to my Banking Institution

There are different reasons why you can't connect your bank account to QuickBooks, Roslyn. It's possible that:

  • the bank is having a website maintenance.
  • the bank added security features. Thus, needing your attention.
  • the internet connection is unstable.
  • cache files are piled-up on your browser.

Before we do any troubleshooting steps, I'd recommend reaching out to your bank. This is to verify if they have a website maintenance or added security features.


After that, let's ensure we have a strong and stable internet connection. Though cache files help websites load faster, they can also cause interruptions when piled-up on your browser. 

We can do browser troubleshooting steps to get rid of any cache-related issues:

  1. Let's use a private browser since it doesn't store cache files. Then, connect your bank again.
  2. If it works, we can clear the cache storage of your regular browser.
  3. You can also use other supported browsers if necessary. Because each of them stores different sets of cache files.

Let me know how this goes. Additional details such as error codes/messages and the name of your bank would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!