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How to fix missed transactions (where bank feed wasn't imported)?



I've just realised there were periods of time (when i didn't keep up my quickbooks subscription) that are missing from my transactions. 

It's a period from 2017, so a while ago. 


I was wondering what the best way to get those transactions in would be? 

1) If a QB subscription lapses, and then is renewed, will the next time you download transactions, bring them in for that missing period? 


2) Is there a way to determine the exact dates things stopped importing?  (I think there is more than 1 period where my QB subscription has lapsed). 


3) What is the best way to get all the transactions in (i.e. is there a way to have the account import all transactions again, while excluding the ones already in there? i.e. Just importing the missing transactions?) 

Or would this have to be done by manually trying to work out the dates, and then importing a csv for each of the accounts? (which sounds like fun). 

4) And if I do import manually, if I imported say the whole year, would it automatically exclude all the transactions I've already imported and processed? 

Any solutions would be very much appreciated. I'm lost in all these numbers at the moment!!  



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How to fix missed transactions (where bank feed wasn't imported)?

Hello learningthisstuff,


Thank you for providing detailed information about downloading bank transactions in QuickBooks Online. I can help share what I know with the process.


The transactions that will be downloaded from the prior date will depend on your bank. Some of them will import the last 90 days, and some go back as far as 24 months.


If your account is already connected and subscription expires, it'll only download the lacking transactions at that time you renew. The only way to track the missing ones are by going to the Reviewed tab and check which information is within your QuickBooks register.


There two ways to acquire statements from your financial institution. You can either connect your bank and download automatically or use the Web Connect feature to import statements manually.


Additionally, please also know that it'll not exclude transactions automatically for those that were already processed. I recommend the following link as it's a hub of articles to assist a user with the Bank Feed process:


I hope that this response finds you with a smile. Let me know if I can be of additional help with downloading transactions from your bank.

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How to fix missed transactions (where bank feed wasn't imported)?

hi @learningthisstuff ,

You may utilize a trial period of the 3rd party data importing tools to filter it a lot easier.


 Hope it helps.