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Removing an existing bank account

I have added a Coles Card to the banking but looks like it is not supported by QBO and also Coles advised that they don't support. However, when I linked the account before I found out this, I noticed it brought the transactions and they are repeating themselves. Under the situation unless there is an option, I might just remove the bank account and add an account where I can upload the CSV file. Any idea how to achieve this.
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QuickBooks Team

Removing an existing bank account

Hi fairfield-impex,


This is a great observation, I'll try give you some tips on how you can achieve this.


You are able to create one within the Chart of Accounts.

  1. Go to the Accounting tab
  2. Go to the Chart of Accounts tab
  3. On the right, select the green New button
  4. Fill in the details of the account, make sure to name the account something that distinguishes it from others.
  5. Save and Close

Now you are able to import your CSV file into the newly created account.

  1. Go to the Banking tab
  2. Click on the drop down arrow next to the Link Account button and select Upload from file
  3. Select your chosen CSV file with the transactions and select Next
  4. Under QuickBooks Account, select the newly created account and then select Next
  5. Map out the fields then select Next

You should now be able to see a new bank account in your Banking tab with the transactions you just imported over.


Let me know if you still needed any assistance! 



Level 3

Removing an existing bank account

Thanks.  I will try that but how do I remove the existing bank account I created and has unwanted transactions. 

Intuit Zac
Content Creator

Removing an existing bank account

Hi FairField-iMpex, 


Thank you for following up with us. 


If transactions have not been added to your QuickBooks Online, but only showing under the "For Review" session, by disconnecting the bank feed, those transactions will also be removed. 


You can also manually exclude unwanted transactions. Please visit the link below for more details:


Exclude a bank transaction you downloaded into QuickBooks Online


Thank you and please let us know if you require any additional assistance.