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Filling out Australian Company Tax Return Section 8 from Quickbooks

I'm using Quickbooks for the first time and submitting my own Australian company tax return, for which I downloaded a hardcopy from the ATO. Unfortunately the ATO's terminology isn't harmonised with quickbooks. I have my Quickbooks Balance sheet ready but I'm confused about where to place each figure into the ATO's form Section 8. Has anybody done this?


If my Balance Sheet looks like:



 Current Assets 

  - Cash on hand.                                  1000

   Total Current Assets                       $1000

Total Assets                                          $1000


Liabilities and shareholder's equity

  Current liabilities:

  Business operations account.       -2000

   Director's Loan                                 5000

Total current liabilities                      $3000


Shareholder's equity:

Net income.                                         -3000

Ordinary shares.                                 1000

Retained earnings                          

Total shareholder's equity.            $-2000


Total liabilities and equity.             $1000


... then where do I enter each figure into ATO Section 8 which is made up of:



Thanks for any hints on this!!