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How can I set up 2 GST branches under the same ABN and have to report 2 separate BAS?

My client has two stores under the same ABN.  They registered 2 GST branches with ATO and I can I set it up at Quickbook to lodge the BAS for them?



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Kass_B - Product Champion
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How can I set up 2 GST branches under the same ABN and have to report 2 separate BAS?

Hi CL1113,


QuickBooks Online does not currently support branches for GST setup and elodgement - the software can only set up one entity and e-lodge one BAS. However, you can set up and use Locations on QuickBooks Plus in order to differentiate between the two stores when running reports. Locations can be used for tracking data within QuickBooks Online as well as payroll.  When creating sales, expenses and so on, you can then allocate these locations and track your transactional and payroll data across multiple locations. You can then run reports by location to determine what needs to be reported in each BAS. While the GST centre can only compile one BAS, you can still mark this as lodged and lodge what is required externally.


I've compiled some resources below on locations that you may find helpful:

Setting Up Location Tracking

Customising Sales Forms with Locations

Payroll Chart of Accounts (look for the section on locations)

Importing QBO Locations into Payroll

Updating Employee Locations


I would be happy to pass on this insight on GST branch setup to the product enhancement team for consideration in future updates and would also encourage you to do the same using the Settings icon > Feedback option in-product. All feedback is welcome as we are constantly working to provide the best customer experience possible!