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Incorrect PAYG figures on BAS

I am currently trying to prepare and lodge my quarterly BAS and PAYG figures but when I click on "prepare BAS" and get to the "Check PAYG withholding for employees" the total salary figure and PAYG figures are incorrect. The total salary figures seems to be the total figure for the whole year and I have no idea what the PAYG figure is as it appears as a negative figure.


If I click on the run reports on the main gst page and run the PAYG Withholding Summary report for the relevant quarter it shows the correct figures that should appear.


No settings have been changed on my file since I ran the last bas which used the correct figures.


Any ideas or is this a quickbooks error?

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Kass_B - Product Champion
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Incorrect PAYG figures on BAS

Hi Winnie71,


If the figures in your Prepare BAS screen are different to the reports you are running, the reason is usually either a) the tax settings in the GST centre are not set up correctly or b) amendments to previously lodged figures are impacting the current Prepare BAS period. I understand you mentioned you have not changed anything, however to double-check your settings:


  1. Select the GST tab on the left.
  2. Select the Settings dropdown (top right), then Tax Settings.
  3. Check the reporting frequency and methods set up for your file and ensure these are correct, then Save


If this does not resolve the issue, you will need to check for amendments. Any changes made to transactions reported in previously lodged BAS periods will be recorded as amendments and will impact the current period you are trying to file:


  1. Select the Reports tab on the left.
  2. Use the search function to locate the GST Amendments report. If there are none showing here;
  3. Use the search function to locate the PAYG Withholding Amendments report.


You will need to determine why these amendments were made and if they need to be reported on the current BAS or not. We would encourage you to speak with your accountant or bookkeeper if you are unsure as we are unable to provide that information specific to your books. If the amendments do not need to be reported, they can be removed by unlodging the previously amended BAS periods in the GST centre, then marking them as lodged once more. As this 'unlocks' the BAS period, there is no longer an amendment to be recorded. Once you mark them as lodged again and move forward to prepare your current BAS, you will see these amounts no longer show and your figures will match your PAYG Summary reports etc. Your accountant can assist you in unlodging these periods should that be required, or you can contact our Support Team on 1800 046 038 who can unlodge these on your behalf.




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Incorrect PAYG figures on BAS

I have a similar issue, BAS figures for the June quarter at W1 and W2 are incorrect. I have checked all journals and reports, all are correct.

Lucas - Product Champion
Content Creator

Incorrect PAYG figures on BAS

Hi Rosy, 


If you've followed all of the above steps, then the best option for you would be to reach out to our support team, either by calling them on 1800 046 038 or going to the Help button in the top right of your company and then selecting Contact Us. They will be able to troubleshoot this alongside you and determine why there are discrepancies in your reports, and assist you in resolving them so that the correct figures are being recorded in the system. As there can be a number of reasons for discrepancies like this to show up in your reports or when you prepare BAS, they will be the best option to help you narrow down the reason for this occurring.