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QuickBooks Subscription and Payroll powered by KeyPay Price and Billing changes from 1st April 2021

QuickBooks Online Accountant FAQ

What are the QuickBooks subscription price changes?

On 1 April the monthly price of some of your QuickBooks plans is increasing to bring them in line with current pricing.

QuickBooks subscription pricing from 1 April 2021

PlanRetail priceWholesale price
Simple Start$20$10

What are the new payroll price changes?

Starting 1 April, you will need to pay an additional cost of $2.50/month for every employee your client pays plus $5.00/month Advanced Payroll. As a valued Proadvisor, you receive a 50% wholesale discount on the monthly costs.

What are the price changes for new subscriptions?

From 1 April, the monthly cost of new QuickBooks Online subscriptions will increase by $2.00 for retail subscriptions and $1.00 for wholesale subscriptions. The price of subscriptions bought prior to 1 April will not change. There will also be no change to any promotional price or package purchased prior to 1 April.

If your client purchases a retail subscription prior to 1 April but after 1 April changes to wholesale discount through your firm, then the new wholesale price would apply ie. the monthly cost would increase by $1.00 to the new wholesale subscription price.

When does the new payroll pricing take effect?

The new payroll pricing takes effect from 1 April 2021. There are no changes to how you or your clients currently use payroll.

Why is this change happening?

This change will allow us to continue to invest in new features that will mean less admin for you and your clients. Recent updates include QuickBooks Cash Flow, month-end review and GST inclusive journal entries. For a full list of updates please view our product roadmap.

How many pay runs are included in fees for each employee paid?

There are unlimited pay runs per employee paid each month.

Will I have to pay for Payroll for my own firm?

QuickBooks Online Accountant provides firms with access to free payroll to pay their own employees for an unlimited number of employees. This is subject to change in the future.

When will I get my first bill?

If you currently pay for payroll on behalf of your clients, you will receive your last bill from KeyPay in February. You will receive your first QuickBooks invoice which include payroll fees from 1 April 2021 depending on your billing date. You may not be charged for certain pay runs during March 2021.

How will the change in billing work?

Your QuickBooks bill will be charged based on how many unique employees were included in pay runs finalised in the previous month, while the Advanced Payroll monthly subscription fee will be billed in advance for the next month ahead.

For Standard Payroll, on any given bill you will be charged by the number of unique employees included in pay runs finalised in the previous month in your client's file.

For Advanced Payroll, on any given bill you will be charged for the subscription monthly fee for the next month and also charged for the number of unique employees included in finalised pay runs in the previous month in your client's file.

Will I still receive KeyPay bills?

If you previously received KeyPay bills, soon you’ll receive one bill every month that includes both your QuickBooks subscription fee and your payroll usage fees. No more KeyPay bills or KeyPay payments—just one simple bill from QuickBooks.

Can I change my QuickBooks plan?

Yes, you can downgrade or upgrade your client’s wholesale subscription at any time. Simply visit the Billing and Subscription section in QuickBooks Online Accountant to view or change your current plan. Learn how to change your subscription here.

Any change to your client’s plans will result in the loss of any promotional offers and discounts you currently enjoy, effective from the change date.

I’m on a discounted Quickbooks subscription, will my payroll pricing change?

The payroll pricing of all existing QuickBooks subscriptions are affected by the 1 April payroll price changes. In all existing QuickBooks subscriptions, whether discounted or not, the payroll pricing is subject to change.

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