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Cant see invoices in app. tried refreshing a few times

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QuickBooks Team

Cant see invoices in app. tried refreshing a few times

Welcome to the Community space, asset.


I understand the importance of having your invoices in the QuickBooks app. Rest assured, I'm here to help you address this issue and find a solution that works for you.


Typically, you should be able to see your invoices in your QuickBooks app. Since it currently doesn't show on your end, we can take troubleshooting steps to rectify this.


Here's how: 


  1. Change the Wifi data connection on your device to 4G (varies by device).
  2. Close and restart the app.
  3. Clear app data. To do this:
    1. Open your device Settings.
    2. Select Apps (varies by device).
    3. Choose the QuickBooks app from the list, then select Storage.
    4. Choose Clear Data.
  4. Power down and restart your device.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall the app.


Then, let's ensure that your app is updated. 


In the meantime, you can log in to your QuickBooks Online account using a web browser. From there, you can see your invoices. For more details, please check out this article: View sales transactions in QuickBooks Online.


Moreover, I'm sharing this reference to help you receive and track customer-paid invoices: Record invoice payments in QuickBooks Online.


Please keep me updated if you encounter any additional issues with your invoices in QBO. I am available to provide further assistance.

Level 1

Cant see invoices in app. tried refreshing a few times

The option to create invoices has also disappeared from my QuickBooks app nor does it give me my list of invoices.


I can only see sales receipts. 


I'm assuming new update has a bug as I have attempted all the trouble shooting as mentioned earlier.

Level 8

Cant see invoices in app. tried refreshing a few times

Hello userkapersouprecords,


Thanks for posting in the Community!


Invoicing feature should still be available in the QuickBooks Online mobile app. Another option we can recommend is to try to log in to the mobile app using a different phone device or use a laptop/desktop to access your QBO account and create invoices.


Since the problem persists, we highly recommend that you get in touch with our Live Support Team. Our experts are equipped with the necessary tools to investigate your account and identify the root cause of the problem. To ensure that you speak with a representative in the correct region, make sure to select Global or the appropriate region on this page: QuickBooks Support: QuickBooks Support.


If you have any other questions or concerns related to QuickBooks, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are always here to help you.