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Duplicating an Existing Invoice for a Different Customer - CC and BCC don't change??


Hi All,


I noticed today that when I select an existing invoice to duplicate/copy and when I select the relevant Customer for that Invoice (so e.g. I go to the last Invoice for Customer A, select Duplicate/Copy and then change the Customer being Invoiced to Customer B), it changes the Customer and the Main Email next to it to Customer B's but if Customer B doesn't have a CC Email or BCC email set up and Customer A does then it leaves the details of Customer A in there!


Has anyone else experienced this?


Also, to QB's, can this be fixed if it is a system issue (as opposed to something that I am doing), that if you select a new Customer on a Copied/Duplicated Invoice, that all fields in relation to the Customer need to be cleared of the Previous Customer - so Email, CC, BCC.


There's a Privacy and Confidentiality issue here I think as the CC and BCC Fields are hidden and you have to click on them to see if there are emails there that shouldn't be there or require manual deletion. 


Unnecessary risk I say...


Please let me know your thoughts! 

QuickBooks Team

Duplicating an Existing Invoice for a Different Customer - CC and BCC don't change??

Hey there, @SamaraS.


Thanks for posting in the Community about your observation in duplicating an invoice in QuickBooks Online. 


To give you an insight, duplicating an invoice is a great feature to save time in creating sales forms with the same details for the same customer. 


When you're creating duplicates for a different customer, QuickBooks updates the information. However, if they don't have CC or BCC email info, you'll have to add them manually. 


Here's how to add your customer's details: 


  1. Go to the Sales menu, then select the Customers tab
  2. Select New Customer to add a new one. For existing customers, select the name and click the Edit button. 
  3. Enter your customer’s email address and all other info, then click Save.


For future reference, read through this article: Add and manage customers in QuickBooks Online. It includes steps to add a sub-customer, delete or inactivate customers, and merge duplicate ones. 


Let me know if you have additional questions about duplicating sales forms in QuickBooks. I'd be here to help you some more. 


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Duplicating an Existing Invoice for a Different Customer - CC and BCC don't change??


Hi Katherine,


Thanks for your reply.


Yes, I am aware of the things you have mentioned. What I am saying is that when you select a different customer, it changes the customer name and main email - both of which are visible when opening an Invoice template - but if customer B does not have a CC or BCC email recorded on their customer card (for which you have given guidance on how to do or edit below) and customer A DID have CC and/or BCC emails, then it actually does NOT remove them! You end up with Customer B's Name and Main email, with the previous customer's (Customer A's) CC and/or BCC emails still sitting there hidden in the template for the Invoice now being created for Customer B. Shouldn't these fields automatically clear - i.e. CC and BCC if the new customer selected does not have any CC or BCC emails recorded? Why does it leave Customer's A's details. 


When I duplicate an Invoice and select a new Customer, the function is only effective and not risky as such in terms of Privacy and Confidentiality if the QB system is smart enough to erase ALL of the previous customers data, regardless of whether they have CC or BCC Emails recorded on their card.


I hope that makes sense but please let me know if it doesn't and I am happy to demonstrate it to your developers.





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Duplicating an Existing Invoice for a Different Customer - CC and BCC don't change??