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Emailed receipts sent to QBO by my staff do not arrive?

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Emailed receipts sent to QBO by my staff do not arrive?

Hi Almasts,


Once you have set up the custom email for your file, you also need to set up your staff permissions (see Notes on managing users and addresses in that linked article for details). To email receipts to your QuickBooks Online file, your staff first need to be set up as users; the minimum requirement for access is a Standard user with supplier permissions. Once they have accepted the invitation and been set as a user, you also need to ensure they are switched on in the 'Manage Senders' section of the Receipts tab:


  1. Select the Banking tab, then Receipts.
  2. Select the green Manage Senders option.
  3. Locate the relevant users in the list and ensure they are toggled On, then select Done.


Once this has been done, these users will be able to email receipts and bills into QuickBooks Online. If an emailed receipt bounces back to their inbox it will describe the reason for the error, such as incorrect image format or not registered as a user and you can take steps accordingly. See here for steps on managing your receipts and feel free to reply if you have further questions as I'm here to help.