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How do I change the format of my invoices in Quickbooks Self employed?

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How do I change the format of my invoices in Quickbooks Self employed?

Thanks for your interest with knowing the features in our Self-Employed program, .@kwikset-outlook-.


I can share some insights about the invoicing preference you're looking for. Unlike QuickBooks Online, the Self-Employed program doesn't have an invoice template for you to customize. The transaction formatting is set by default and we currently can't update the design or information on a sales transaction.


I want you to know that before our developers release product updates, they are going through a wide range of feedback. They try to navigate a path forward with accessibility leading and wanted to be very thorough with the enhancements to make our program efficient to use.


To add your suggestion, while the preference is unavailable, follow the steps below in your QBSE account:


  1. Tap the Assistant icon on top of the account.
  2. Type Feedback then press Enter.
  3. Click on the Add a feature option.
  4. Type your feedback then press Enter again on your keyboard. See this sample screenshot:


I'm adding this resource page to help you with self-employment invoicing: QuickBooks Self Employed - Invoicing tutorials


Let me know if there's anything else you need help with QBSE. I'll be right here to assist your self-employment questions any time. Have a good one!