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Progress Invoices

If I created a quote for 10,000 for one of our customers. The customer has accepted the quote and agreed to pay $3,000 in August and the remainder when goods are delivered in December.


  • In the above scenario, I have created a Quote for 10,000 + $1,000 GST (Tax)
  • Created an invoice for $3000,00 in August + 300 for GST (Tax)


When I look at the transaction list for this customer it is showing the total as as $14,300? (not sure about the 14,300 vs the $11,000 shown in the quote.




Is the above correct? and if so, how do I know how much remains on the quote?


Thank you






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Re: Progress Invoices

Hello there, Deano2.


The total amount you’re seeing is just the total amount of the customer’s transactions (11000 + 3300 = 14300). This report will always show the total amount of all the customer’s invoices, quotes and payments.  What you need to check is the customer’s balance which will be showing on the upper right corner of the screen. This balance refers to the unpaid invoice you’ve created. 

You can also open the quote transaction to check the remaining subtotal and check the invoiced subtotal. 


Please drop by again if you need anything else.