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Progress Invoicing

Our work commences with a quote >  order >  deposit  >  final invoice when goods are delivered. Does QB have the ability to accept deposits prior the final invoices. These deposits are made over a period of time as our work progresses and milestones are achieved.


If this is not possible do you have alternative solutions. We cannot issue invoices until such time as the job is complete.


Additionally - very frustrating but on numerous occasions when posting messages appear saying unable to post!!!. It has now taken me over 16 times to post this message and counting. Correct the highlighted errors and try again. There was an error while attempting to post your message. Try again in a few minutes (ONE HOUR LATER - HAVING CLEANED MY BROWSER, CACHE, LOGGED IN / OUR, ETC.. STILL HAVING A PROBLEM! Equally - when we customise our forms - ON A FREQUENT basis an "error occurred - an application error has occurred whilst processing your request - 10000 Thank you for answering both questions in the same thread</p>

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QuickBooks Team

Progress Invoicing

Yes, QuickBooks can create deposits before recording the final invoice, Jack212. 


You can record the payment as a retainer or an advance payment. This deposit will be an existing credit that you can apply to the final invoice. For more details about retainers, please refer to this article: How to record a retainer or deposit


QBO uses estimates to create sales order transactions. What we can do is create a Quote. Then, record the Retainer. Once the job is complete, we can copy the quote to an Invoice and then link the retainer.


With regards to posting your questions here, I appreciate that you've done the basic browser troubleshooting steps to get rid of the error. This behavior usually happen when you submit questions immediately one after another. Thus, the Community space detects it as a spammer.


Also, I would recommend contacting us right away when the error will appear once again. This way, we can take a couple of test to check what's causing it aside from performing basic troubleshooting steps.


Reach out to us if you have further questions.