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Timeframe variables for recurring invoice template

I should be able to add a variable like month, quarter or year to the description field and have it use the current month or Month+1 and have it be the following month. I invoice my customers for both current month and in advance for the next month depending on the project scope. I have to go in and edit the recurring templates after every time they run and the number of invoices I need to edit each month is growing.

This task that should be automated as part of the invoicing structure.

The possibility of error without this feature is high. 


I know this feature has been requested a lot in forums from users in all countries using Quickbooks. Would be good to know that it is on the developers list for release soon.

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Intuit Zac
Content Creator

Timeframe variables for recurring invoice template

Hi Amtac, 


Thank you so much for reaching out and giving us valuable feedback on the recurring invoice function with details. 


I have forwarded your feedback to our support team. In case you want to do the same you can do it by submitting an in-product feedback, here is how:

How do I submit feedback?


Thank you for using and supporting QuickBooks Online. 

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Timeframe variables for recurring invoice template

Thanks Zac

I have also submitted as feedback.


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Timeframe variables for recurring invoice template

When will this BUG be fixed already? I say bug because this is not a feature request, it is a bug fix that should take hours if not minutes to implement.



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Timeframe variables for recurring invoice template

Hi petermondo,


I understand how helpful to you and your business to be able to add timeframe variables on your recurring invoice. At the moment, you can only choose the following type Scheduled, Unscheduled, or Reminder when creating a recurring transaction in QuickBooks Online. You'll just have to make sure to set the Interval to make sure the system is creating the recurring invoice on the correct period.


Another option is to create the recurring transaction using the Days in advance and Start date to create option on scheduled recurring templates. You can check the articles below to learn more about:


If you need more help checking your recurring transactions, I'd recommend reaching out to our Customer Care Team as they can ask and check your account detail in a secure form.


Feel free to post again here in the Community if you have more questions. Enjoy the rest of the day!

IT Consulting Experts
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Timeframe variables for recurring invoice template

Setting variables in templates should be a, "Duh" feature to implement! I cant believe I just upgraded to get recurring invoicing, only to find I cant use it because my Gov. clients require the description to update with the invoice date, time, and also totals from previous invoices.  I will just have to downgrade my copy back to my old version... Yea!! less money to the evil Quickbooks Corporation! I'll just setup the Microsoft 365 automation and API's to do this instead. More leg work, but looks like it will work better and cost less. Win Win for me, big LOOSE for QB!


Timeframe variables for recurring invoice template

I hear your sentiments, IT Consulting Experts.


It isn't the kind of experience we want you to come across. I'll take note of your ideas and share them with our developer's team.


Don't hesitate to post again whenever help is needed.

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Timeframe variables for recurring invoice template

I have a very good workaround to achieve this. 


1. Create an invoice template for each month of the year

2. Edit the label for each month to read something like "Work for the month of January"

3. Use the template needed for each month in the customize tab