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Why are taxes not appearing on my invoices anymore?

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Why are taxes not appearing on my invoices anymore?

I can help you figure this out, daniel-tiltawayt.


It could be that the GST set up is disabled. Let's see if this is the case:


  1. Click the Gear icon, then select Your work info.
  2. Choose GST.
  3. Select Exclusive or Inclusive.
  4. Tap Turn On GST.


Once done, make sure to select Include or Exclude GST on all invoice items. This way, QBSE will calculate the total GST as a subtotal line at the bottom of the invoice. If there are no line items marked for GST, it will display GST not included as a result. To learn more information about GST, please refer to this article: GST Overview


However, if it's enabled and yet taxes still don't appear on the invoices, let's try opening your account via a private browser to see if this has something to do with your browser's cache. Please use these keyboard shortcuts:


  • Google Chrome: Ctrl Shift N
  • Mozilla Firefox: Ctrl Shift P
  • Safari: Command Option P

If taxes appear on the invoice, please go back to your main browser and clear its cache. The overloaded files in your browser can sometimes cause unusual behaviors in the program. Otherwise, use other supported browsers as n alternative.


Please let me know how the steps work. I want to make sure everything is taken care of.