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Depreciation Schedule

My QuickBooks file is QuickBooks Online Accountants (Australia), and I want to add and mange fixed assets in depreciation schedule/general pool. Advise which plan I should upgrade? Please note that my QuickBooks file is Australia and not US.

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QuickBooks Team

Depreciation Schedule

Thanks for posting in the Community, keyurv. Let me provide some information about the available plans in QuickBooks.


First, please note that you don't need to upgrade your QuickBooks Online Accountant file. This is because you already have access to all features, with additional accountant tools to help you collaborate with your clients to ensure their books are balanced and accurate.


If you want to manage fixed assets, you can head to the Advanced accounting menu on the left navigation panel. You can refer to the screenshot below for guidance.



Additionally, if you want to view more information about the plans available in QuickBooks, you can click here to proceed to the pricing page to view the included features in each plan. If you ever want to discuss the plans in more detail, you can click the Contact us button on the webpage.


Furthermore, the option to manage fixed assets is only available in QuickBooks Online Advanced. For more information about it, you can check out this article: Add and manage fixed assets in QuickBooks Online Advanced.


For future use, here's a guide on generating reports to get a comprehensive overview of your business: Run reports.


Please feel free to come back to this post if you have other questions about your QuickBooks subscription, keyurv. I'll be around to answer them as soon as possible. Keep safe!

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Depreciation Schedule

Thanks for your prompt reply. I have checked and found that Advanced accounting menu is not available on the left navigation panel, per attached file. Could you please advise how to get this menu there?

Further when I open the link (Furthermore, the option to manage fixed assets is only available in QuickBooks Online Advanced. For more information about it, you can check out this article: Add and manage fixed assets in QuickBooks Online Advanced.)  you have provided, and click on 'Take me there', the following message appears:

We're sorry, we can't find the page you requested. You may have incorrectly typed the address (URL) or clicked on an outdated link’.




QuickBooks Team

Depreciation Schedule

I appreciate you for keeping us updated and providing a screenshot with your concern, @keyurv. Allow me to guide you on enabling the Advanced Accounting option on the left navigation panel in QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA).


We can customize your Menu so you can see the Advanced Accounting option on the left navigation panel.


Here's how:


  1. Sign in to your QBOA account.
  2. From the left navigation panel, select the pencil icon on the Menu.
  3. Click on Customize this Menu.
  4. On the Your Books section, locate the Advanced Accounting option and put a checkmark on the box.
  5. You can drag and reorder the items to easily see the option.
  6. Click Save.


I've also attached screenshots for your reference:






Additionally, before clicking the Take me there shortcut key on the article, ensure that you've already logged in to your QBOA account so you'll be automatically routed to a specific page.


However, if you still receive the error message, let's check if it's a browser-related issue. Stored web caches can sometimes become corrupted, damaged, or outdated, leading to unusual displays or behavior.


We can start by opening your QBOA account and then accessing the Community page in a private window as it ignores data from cashed files.


These are the keyboard shortcuts:


  • Mozilla Firefox: CTRL + Shift + P
  • Google Chrome: CTRL + Shift + N
  • Safari: Command + Shift + N


If you're able to navigate to another page by clicking the article's shortcut key, then it's safe to say that it's likely caused by your browser. Let's clear your regular browser's cache to refresh. Otherwise, consider switching to other supported browsers as an alternative.


Moreover, you can utilize this attached article to learn how to see a summary of your business: Run reports in QBO.


If you need further help with the depreciation schedule in QBOA, don't hesitate to return to this thread. We're here to lend a hand.