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How do I record a % of a bill under expenses tab?

Eg Power bill is $200.00. I want to claim 10% of this bill only. The bill is paid in total from my credit card.How can  i enter the total under expenses so the 10% is only claimed and the total matched my bank statement.
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How do I record a % of a bill under expenses tab?

Hello there, rockyj1050.


The Expenses tab in the Bill window is only available in QuickBooks Desktop. To record the expense paid by your personal credit card, you'll need to create a Journal Entry. Here's how:


Just a heads up, you'll have to reach to your accountant to help you decide what is the best account to use.


  1. From the Company menu, select Make General Journal Entries.
  2. Select the Account.
  3. Under the DEBIT column, select a debit expense.
  4. Select a credit equity account in the CREDIT column.
  5. Select your customer.
  6. Click Save and Close.


To reimburse the 10%, you'll need to create a check, and then manually calculate the amount.


  1. In the Banking menu, select Write Checks.
  2. Select your customer in the PAY TO THE ORDER OF field.
  3. Go to the Expenses tab.
  4. Select an expense tab.
  5. Enter $20 as the amount (10% of $200).
  6. Select your CUSTOMER:JOB.
  7. Click Save & Close.


However, if you're using QuickBooks Online, you can refer to this article: How to pay for business expenses with personal funds.


I'm always right here if you have other concerns. Thank you.