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Import invoices using Receipts

Can I import invoices similar to the way the receipts function works? I have managed to import one using this but it is only recording the date as "payment" date but obviously it is still unpaid as I only received the invoice this morning. How can I load in supplier invoices and track the accounts payable amount without individually loading the data in or putting everything in a spreadsheet file first? I tried to use the receipts scanner but it will not show up in any report that I owe money to this supplier

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Lucas - Product Champion
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Import invoices using Receipts

Hi hartleycustom, 


The ability to generate a Bill based on an image scan is not currently supported using native QuickBooks features, however there are a number of third-party apps that are able to accomplish this functionality for you - I would recommend going to the Apps section within your QuickBooks file and looking under the Track Expenses category to find any third-party solutions that can automate the process of creating bills in advance of payment. 


Feel free to respond in this thread if you have any other questions!



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