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Up Load of PDF and email Receipts

Good Eve  to the Hive mind. 


Was wondering if you can help 


After 80 mins of not so helpful online "chat" this eve where i no more forward in my question been resolved, I hope QB community can help ? 


Is there a way where you can upload PDFs and Emails with transaction info to the online system at all ?  I know there is way to do it Manley to individual transactions and attaching PDFs to each one.  but was hoping there is a simple way i can just upload an email or PDF to my account and just like the APP you can then match PDF up to the right transaction. 


I currently print PDF off, then take a photo on the app and match there.  but again waste a-lot of time and money printing the receipts off and very labour intensive. 


There must be easy way to do this ?????

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QuickBooks Team

Up Load of PDF and email Receipts

Hello there, @mike221.


I'm here to help you learn how to upload your bills and receipts into QuickBooks Online.


With QuickBooks, it pulls information from your receipt or bill and creates a transaction for you to evaluate. On the Receipts page, you can then update the receipt or bill, add it to an account, or match it to an existing transaction.


We can save time by tracking and recording your vendor receipts and bills. We may submit them using your computer, mobile device, or even your email account.


Here's how to upload receipts or bills from your computer or Google Drive.


  1. Sign in to QuickBooks Online
  2. Go to Bookkeeping, select Transactions, then select Receipts (Take me there).
  3. Choose between Upload from computer and Upload from Google Drive.
  4. Note: Each image or file should only contain a single receipt or bill.


After uploading, the receipts and bills were submitted to QuickBooks. These aren't yet in your books. You must first evaluate, update, add, or match those transactions to existing ones. 


Here's how to do it:


  1. Select Bookkeeping, then Transactions, then Receipts (Take me there).
  2. You can review your uploaded receipts and bills in the For review tab. QuickBooks will notify you if it identifies any existing transactions in your books that match the receipts or bills you've submitted.
  3. To find out what steps you need to take next, look at the labels in the Action column.


If QuickBooks is unable to discover a current transaction that matches, we can generate a new transaction from your receipt or bill. Check out this article for further instructions: Upload your receipts and bills to QuickBooks Online.


In addition, you may also look through our QuickBooks apps center for a product that is similar to the feature you want and integrates with QBO.


If you require additional support with your concern, I will be available in the Community. My first priority is to assist you. Have a fantastic time and stay safe!

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Up Load of PDF and email Receipts


You may need a 3rd party app to integrate with QBO. You can use any method that suits you to add your documents to the system.
Traditional upload with drag and drop
Add any digital file with a standard upload document feature. Use the drag and drop option instead of selecting your files.

Scan any document directly into the system in digital format.

Using a customized email address, send the file via email to automatically be captured in the system. Attachments to emails are automatically pulled into the system therefore no downloading and uploading is required. In addition, the system can extract a document from an unprotected link within an email. For ease of reference, notes in the body of the email are automatically added to the workspace.

Mobile app
Take a photo of your document using the mobile app.


After the documents are imported, you will manage them and may set some approval rules between your team.