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502 bad gateway ? how to rectify ?

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QuickBooks Team

502 bad gateway ? how to rectify ?

Hi murphycivil-


The 502 bad gateway can occur when your computer's server tries to connect to the QuickBooks server and it fails. Often times if you refresh your screen by holding CTRL+R on Windows / CMMD + R on Mac, you should be able to reload QuickBooks.


If you're still receiving the 502 bad gateway, could you let us know what browser are you using to log in to QuickBooks?



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502 bad gateway ? how to rectify ?

Thanks Christine for the reply

can enter when i sign in through google chrome, but wont connect when i dble click on qb icon on desktop...thats when it tells me bad gateway


502 bad gateway ? how to rectify ?

Thanks for getting back to us with additional information, murphycivil.


I've checked here and haven't found any open investigation about the error message when using the Desktop application. I recommend performing some basic troubleshooting to get back on track with using QuickBooks.


Let's start with clearing cache through these steps:


  1. Open the QuickBooks app.
  2. Select the Help tab in the upper-right corner.
  3. Choose Reset App Data.

Check out this screenshot for a visual reference on the steps:



If the error continues, please proceed with uninstalling and reinstalling the application. For the detailed instructions, I recommend clicking the article below (scroll down to How do I uninstall the app?):


QuickBooks App for Windows and Mac: General support.


You'll also see some information I found helpful, such as the updated system requirements on the link above.


Whenever you need further help fixing the error, don't think twice to post. The Community will keep an eye on your response.

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502 bad gateway ? how to rectify ?

Thanks for sharing this. I had the same problem with my Mac desktop application and the reset data solved it :) 

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502 bad gateway ? how to rectify ?

This really worked for me! I have been trying to log in all morning and kept getting the 502 Bad Gateway code. I will say make sure you know your log in information prior to doing this because it will not automatically sign you back in. You will have to input that information. 


Thank you very much for the help!!!

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502 bad gateway ? how to rectify ?

I am using Chrome and receiving this message.  Our internet is down and I am using a hotspot to connect.


502 bad gateway ? how to rectify ?

Help has arrived, @pshaw.

Let's perform some basic browser troubleshooting steps to isolate the error. This error occurs when there are too much data in your default browser. To fix this, open your QuickBooks Online account using a private browser.


Here are the keyboard shortcuts you can use:

  • Google Chrome: press Ctrl + Shift + N 
  • Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge: press Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Safari: press Command + Shift + N


Once signed in, see if you still get the error. If this works, clear the cache of your regular browser to get a clean slate. You can also use other supported browsers if private mode browsing doesn’t work.


You can also seek self-help articles on our QuickBooks help articles page, this is to help QuickBooks users like you finish your work in no time.


If you need further assistance with accessing your QBO account, please post a response below. I'm always here to help you. Have a good one.