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My emails r not sending

Emailing invoices
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My emails r not sending

There are several reasons why emails aren’t sending, mtonks2607. I’m here to help sort this out so your customers can receive their invoices and pay you on time.

In most cases, an email fails to deliver if the email address is incorrect, there’s a temporary issue with the server, or due to a network connection. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try to rectify this:


  1. Please ensure your internet connection is stable and the mail server is functioning as intended.
  2. Visit your customer’s profile and check their email information. You can edit or reenter the details.
  3. Test your invoice delivery or with a different email address to see if the issue is specific to one recipient or affects all emails sent from QuickBooks Online (QBO).
  4. Access your account in an incognito or other supported browser, then send your invoices. 

When the issue is resolved, you can use these resources to remind your clients about their invoice due dates and how to record payments in the future:


You can always get back to this page and post another comment if you need more assistance or have specific concerns about managing your sales transactions. I’ll be here to help, mtonks2607.