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Black Coal Award - Long Service Leave

Hi - I am wanting to streamline my reports for Black Coal Award employees by including their Coal Long Service Leave number.  Has anyone got any suggestions?  


And has anyone got any clues on which report/s is ideal to collate information to load directly into Coal Levies report?  


Thanks in advance!

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Black Coal Award - Long Service Leave

Hi MCCAccounts, 


Thanks for posting in the Community! 


Upon checking, Black Coal Mining Industry Award 2010 [MA000001] is not available yet in QuickBooks Payroll. To navigate to the list of award packages, go to Payroll Settings and then select Manage Awards. If the award that you are after is 'unavailable', click the Express Interest button in order to receive an update when then award is released. 


Furthermore, you can run a Leave balances report to see the balances of your employees leave categories and Payroll tax report which provide more details on the wages and super which can be used to submit payroll tax. 


To learn more about long services leave and awards, please check these articles:


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Feel free to drop a comment below if you need further assistance. Have a great day!