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Classes vs Projects

We have multiple projects. Each project can have multiple revenue sources. Can I use QBO Projects to track profitability when a single project has several revenue sources/customers?

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QuickBooks Team

Classes vs Projects

It's great to have you here, @rsf60.


The Projects feature assists you in staying organized and keeping track of all the moving parts. From a single dashboard, you can add project income and expenses, tag old transactions to new projects, and run project-specific reports. This makes it simple to manage your workload and track your progress.


At the moment, you can only allocate one client to one project. 


Alternatively, we can use projects and allocate classes based on the transaction.


The Projects already available to the main navigation bar. For more information, see this article: Create projects in QuickBooks Online.


If you have further questions or concerns, feel free to reach back anytime.

Level 1

Classes vs Projects

Thanks.  If I have 2 customers paying into a Project, do I have to use Classes?  Or is there another option?


Classes vs Projects

Hi rsf60,


When setting up a project in QuickBooks Online, you can only assign it to one customer. Therefore, all transactions like invoices and payments will be automatically allocated to that particular customer. 


As a workaround, you may assign a class on an invoice if a project will be paid by two customers or you can add a note on the description or memo on your invoice too. 


You may want to check on this article on how to set up and create projects in QuickBooks Online for your reference. 


Feel free to drop a comment below if you have any other questions about projects. I'm here to help. Have a great day!