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Keypay, QBO & Time integration

I am trying to better integrate my payroll, timesheets and quickbooks accounts. I have successfully linked keypay and QBO but when I try to integrate time, I still see the message "click here to launch Quickbooks Time" when I click on the time tab in QBO. What am I doing wrong? Shouldn't I be able to see timesheets in the time tab without having to open Time in a separate browser tab?

Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated. 

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Keypay, QBO & Time integration

I can guide you with integrating QuickBooks Online with QuickBooks Time, @bcm-electrical.


To integrate these accounts seamlessly, you must be the primary admin of the account. Then, follow the steps below:


  1. Go to this link: and find QuickBooks Time Time Tracking.
  2. If prompted, in the new tab, log in to your QuickBooks Online account and choose which QuickBooks company you'd like to integrate with QuickBooks Time.
  3. Follow the prompts to finish the process.


From here, you'll now be asked to select the items that you want to import into QuickBooks Time from your QuickBooks account and configure QuickBooks Payroll with fields in QuickBooks Time. Check this article for detailed guidance: Integrate QuickBooks Time and QuickBooks Online.


If you'd like to find more options or edit your original options in the QuickBooks Integration Preferences window. Refer to this article for more information: About QuickBooks integration preferences in QuickBooks Time.


Let me know if you need further guidance integrating QuickBooks Online with QuickBooks Time. I'm always here to help. Have a great rest of the day!